Saturday, November 3, 2012

'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball' -2

Before reading this post, read '"God particle" is only a state of "Superball"'.

There is Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (read below). Why does this phenomenon happen? The reason is because an electron (superball) never moves as I’ve argued it in the prior posting. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible that an observer finds out the ‘moved’ same electron because this particle status changes instantaneously and constantly – it might change to a wave state (invisible).
Uncertainty principle

I can finally say that the existence of 'God particle' is a fundamentalism of religion for the standard cosmological model’s advocates, and this research generates big economic effect – CERN's annual budget of around one billion Swiss franc (US$ 1.15 billion) – for scientists, besides gaining fame and swindle Nobel Prize. It means this is an economic benefit rather than scientific interest for the scientists.

                               Symphony of Science - 'The Big Beginning'

There are other facts about the true motives of CERN’s LHC. The reasons are for antimatter production, which the movie, 'Angels and Demons' showed and development of high power directed energy weapon such as ray gun (read below).
Directed-energy weapon

In addition, the accelerated particle beam collisions by the LHC don’t make antimatter as the movie above showed. Only the powerful electromagnetic acceleration system (magnetic field generator) installed in the LHC can make it.

You need to refer to the incident of ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ for understanding it. The destroyer Eldridge might change to antimatter due to be exposed to a strong electromagnetic field that the large tesla coil generate and might go into another universe. Moreover, antimatter can generate strong light but it has no capability to explode as this blog’s posts have argued. I’ve been deceived by the disinformation.

However, swindle Ummite alerted that the LHC is a serious threat for the human. If this isn’t false, what threatens us must be the electromagnetic acceleration system of the LHC. Imagine the incident of Eldridge. We should stop this giant useless piece of junk immediately.

See also the symbol ('CERN' in circles is 666) and the objects of CERN below.

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  1. Idiot scientists will continue to try futile and bullshit researches with wasted junk LHC for their avariciousness, which will have still more danger power. It could provoke a man-made catastrophe. Read below. But above all things, LHC has the potential to provoke an extinction of the planet Earth and eventually, it must result the intervention of Ummite.
    Large Hadron Collider shuts down to prepare for bigger bans in 2015