Thursday, January 25, 2018

Messiah Aaron is Trump

I declared Ummite is an invader who provokes ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against the human and I will fight off them in the post ‘The intervention of Ummite is for confirmation of the theory’ before. The human should confront alien invasions. However, my problem is that I cannot confront them so far as the Messiah at the human evolution event.

Ummite must cause problems to someone’s perception through telepathy. I mentioned this issue in the post ‘Coping with the alien inversions’. For example, I have a frequent sensation as if I have a tight band around my head. Moreover, when I act, I feel my body is heavier. In fact, while I walk around or run – I run on early Sunday morning, I feel an effect such as I’m on a planet with higher gravity than Earth. Moreover, I was bothered by frequent urination during its walk around. Recently, their sensations become much stronger except frequent urination.

That means Ummite attacks me physiologically, by causing me some discomfort sensations above. Ummite controls me with this ‘soft’ attack and he must rule the human using me as his puppet. Therefore I have to acquire an ability to confront it, but my current telepathy ability is still incomplete. I have no defensive measure so far. Anyway, its alien attacks are serious threats to the new human.

I argued that I am not only Messiah Israel, but also I’m Antichrist whose number is 666 was born in 1948 (read ‘Why do Ashkenazi Jews rebuild Temple of Solomon in São Paulo – Antichrist rules new civilization’). On the other hand, President Donald Trump was born in 1946 and he is destined numbers 777. Read below.
DONALD TRUMP: JERUSALEM and the 7th 70 of 70’s with 777 of 7’s

More recently, I realized that our will of ‘That world’ might prepare another messiah as a way to resolve this difficulty. It’s Aaron (read ‘Who is another Messiah?’) and Aaron is Donald Trump. Trump reduces world population and destroys current civilization provoking real-world war for the human evolution event. Meanwhile, he is a Messiah who has a mission, which defenses the human from the alien’s inversion. 

It is because Trump must not have telepathy ability, thus Ummite couldn’t control him as well as Ummite does it to me. Even so, for example, an electromagnetic weapon’s attack of Ummite on the brain of the human including of Trump could occur. In this case, an armed warfare against Ummite will be inevitable. However, honestly, a victory of the human is extremely difficult. Additionally, Trump's policy is inappropriate for the new civilization, therefore it should not occur that Trump would engage in its civilization. 

There are fatally security vulnerabilities in our communication and information infrastructure such as the internet. Ummite can intervene in them and manipulate information on them freely. Combat and weapon systems are the same condition, for example, we would suffer EMP attacks. Our electronics systems such as missiles guidance system would be invalidated and the missiles would be destroyed. I consider that the Space X explosion is an attack of Ummite (watch the video below).

Alien Ummite is not Aaron in my conclusion, however, regarding the Mores code signal came from Earth in 1949, the argument of Ummite that the signal was a challenge of our will of ‘That world’ for facing ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against Ummite (read ‘The intervention of Ummite is for confirmation of the theory’) would be true.

According to Ummite, there’s no ‘good or evil’ in ‘conflicts of consciousness’ of any evolution event because the universe can evolve through only ‘conflicts of consciousness’ (read ‘No “good or evil” in the human evolution event’). Thus it’s no use criticizing such anarchy of Ummite (but aliens don’t have the material desire) by our common sense. Ummite wouldn’t accept even our unconditional surrender.

Anyway, this ‘conflicts of consciousness’ is extremely difficult, but not impossible to win because everything is an illusion that crowded consciousness creates. Whatever the result, we have no choice but to progress toward the human evolution. 

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