Saturday, July 29, 2017

About new civilization by new human

I revealed what the new civilization by the new human should be in the previous post (read ‘Faith and religions – prohibition of religions', ‘Reason for the human existence is the human evolution – love and happiness are not important). In this post, let me add some complementary ideas below.

First, we must recognize that God (gods) does not exist. Therefore, the human was not created by God (gods) and, the reason for the human existence is not love and happiness, but it is the human evolution.

All human are citizens of a human’s single government. I am a sole ruler of the human and supreme governor of its government. The supreme governor has absolute authority.

We reset the current overall systems including nations, political system, social system and economic system.

Private freedom is respected as long as it is not contrary to the supreme governor's will. However, the supreme governor refuses any rights, which contrary to the maintenance of public order.

The for-profit organization is prohibited. Moreover, family formations, which could be its base, are also banned. It means that any families will become extinct.

The supreme governor appoints administrative management personnel for administration (including current legislative and judicial functions) of the government.

The official language of the government is Japanese. English is the most common language in current civilization, but my native language is Japanese. Therefore, I should use words utterly understandable, namely, Japanese as the government’s official language.

All citizens are equal. Therefore, we must not discriminate such as racial discrimination without just cause. The citizens including the supreme governor must not have unequal wealth or/and favorable treatment without just reason.

All citizens must bear duties below and responsibility. The supreme governor refuses rights, arguments, and opinions of the citizens who do not fulfill them.

To contribute to the human evolution and progress
To obey the supreme governor
To be educated
To work
To defend the human from foreign inversion
To hold conscience (moral)
To be honest

Also, citizens who do not obey orders of the supreme governor are criminals. Thus the supreme governor would condemn them to death penalty according to circumstances.

So-called primitive people must disappear assimilating into the new civilization.

Crimes in the civilization with new human will decrease sharply. However, it does not mean the crimes could disappear. Application of the penal code and penalty will be more severe than its current level.

Additionally, the death penalty is neither abolished nor restrained its execution because ‘human life is more precious than anything else’ is a wrong idea. The human soul is immortally and a significance of our birth into ‘This world’ – in fact, virtual reality – is that our soul with a temporary body of virtual reality could acquire its experiences there to evolve. Thus, there is no reason to fear death.

Newborn babies do not belong to their parents, but they belong to all humanity.

We must implement strict birth control for limiting the population between 300 million and 500 million because that not only to realize an ideal viable environment for the new civilization but also to cope coming global cooling (not the global warming).

About birth, fetuses with a gene defect, for example, fetuses with a congenital anomaly (deformity and dysfunction) should be found as soon as possible. In case if it is confirmed, abortions must be implemented immediately as long as there is no way to treatments.

We live in ‘This world’ due to our own soul’s evolution. Fetuses with brain problems such as psychopath, intellectual disability, etc., which cannot understand this purpose, also must be aborted.

Prohibition of abortion is a wrong idea as well as abolishing of the death penalty, because a soul, which lost an opportunity to experience his life, will have reincarnation (second chance) for leading a healthy life.

Labor and social economy:
New civilization does not have any currency. All human must engage in necessary activities (social, productive, research activities, etc.) for the civilization operations, as unpaid workers, therefore, there is no tax.

We supply general products including necessities of life obtained by its activities to all human gratuitously and, all infrastructure is provided freely too. Only the government can manage and operate all such activities.

In new civilization, evolved machines and robots will carry out most so-called unskilled labors instead of the human. Therefore, the human is not necessary to engage such workings. However, you should do yourself what concerns you as much as possible. New human must have the spirit of self-reliance.

Medical care:
We must reform medical care. In truth, we are not made from matter, which means our existence is a virtual reality that our crowded consciousness creates. We must implement the medical care with this recognition.

In fact, it is possible that we strengthen our immune system and cure illnesses, or even prolong our lifespan logically only with willpower. Meanwhile, current medical care tends to create more new problems than cures patients. We should overcome health problems as much as possible with willpower.

We permit death with dignity, in case, a patient who has no hope of his recovery from illness or injury, etc. and, he is determined a permanent vegetative state, euthanasia is implemented. We also apply it to cases of persons with a severe mental disorder that there's no treatment.

This reason is that a most unlikely expectation for miraculous recovery is a disaster for not only caregivers but also for even patients who are forced to lose their precious time for an experience of living. In this case, we must terminate their life immediately to give them a chance of the reincarnation.

Transport system:
We ban personal vehicles unless human-powered vehicles from specific areas such as urban areas. All citizens must use public transport and travel on foot as much as possible. It is good for the health also.

We develop so-called free energy technology and promote the use of alternative energy resources. Read ‘Does free energy exist? – Tesla coil causes Hutchison Effect’.

Science, technology, and education:
First, we must recognize that even the crowded consciousness of organism with intelligence creates the universe, the world (‘This world’) and the human – in fact, they are illusions. We must study the science, technology and the education on the base of this recognition.

Every phenomena and event are also illusions that the crowded consciousness creates. Therefore, absolute facts do not exist. However, if all human will recognize some events are ‘facts’, they become facts. 

Even so, current science and history have many paradoxes, contradictions, misunderstandings, fabrications, and lies. We must review such science and history. Read ‘Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe’, ‘Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physics is an unreality, ‘Why is the speed of light constant and upper limit?’ and ‘Does solution to ancient historical mystery make sense?’.

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