Monday, May 1, 2017

Does the World War III begin in the Far East?

Now, the North Korean nuclear attack and ballistic missile threat and, Trump’s strong warning messages to North Korea are making the headlines. Kim Jong-un alleges that he attacks not only South Korea, but also attacks the U.S. with ballistic missiles, which means the End of Days and the Return of Messiah = the human evolution event (read ‘Who is another messiah?’) is already undergoing.

If the ‘prediction’ of the rabbi (read the article below) were a truth, even North Korea would pull the trigger of the World War III. This world war is considered, for example, a war between one group (China, Russia, unified Korea, Arab world, etc.) and another group (the U.S., Japan, allied European countries of the U.S., India, Israel, etc.), as well as the WW II between the Allied powers and Axis Powers.
What One Rabbi Predicted 22 Years Ago About Korea’s Role in End-of-Days Will Shock You

All world wars are fraud wars that the false Jews (‘They’) provoke it, manipulating the whole world, but it doesn’t happen accidentally by disputes between nations. All governments in the world and important organizations such as the United Nations etc. are under the control of ‘They’, the true global dominator. For example, Putin and Kim Jong-un are body double puppets that the false Jews manipulate and I think Putin and Kim were already assassinated (read ‘Finally, Pope Francis gets role of Antichrist’).
However, in fact, even the will of our ‘That world’ provokes the World War III to influence the false Jews who destroy and terminate the current civilization and, killing almost current human in the name of the NWO. After that, the evolved new human, as a descendant of current extinct human, builds new civilization after its devastation (read ‘To current human’). It means that the will of ‘That world’ is controlling such false Jews.

According to Japanese article below of ‘TOCANA’, there’s possibility North Korea attacks Naval Air Facility Astugi (US military base) in Kanagawa, Japan with nuclear weapons. Read the reference article below also. Incidentally, I consider ‘TOCANA’ is an information manipulation site. This article argues the attack possibility, mentioning the Major Edward Dames remote viewing – He commits acts of disinformation for ‘They’ as well as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden do it – and the Illuminati cards (watch the video and show the photos below).

North Korea nuclear attack to U.S.Forces. Target is Zama camp in Japan on March 20, 2012.

   Yokohama city destruction     Intercontinental Yokohama Grand hotel

      Wako in Ginza, Tokyo

Sketch of the Edward Dames remote viewing - Atsugi and Yokohama
In this case, however, missiles, which fall in Japan wouldn’t be Korea made missiles, but it must be ‘Made in USA’ missiles. North Korea must still not have the technology to construct such ballistic nuclear missile. The U.S., the biggest terrorism-supporting country in history dominated by the false Jews, must retaliate shamelessly against Korea and China using nuclear weapons.

Then when will this attack occur? According to the post below of one of Japanese information manipulation blog, it would be this coming May 11 (511 or ‘11.5’). The Economist magazine cover 2015 has at least three hints (the mushroom cloud, Japan without Yokohama area in the globe and arrows with ‘11.5’ and ‘11.3’). Additionally, its 2017 cover has ‘nuclear holocaust’ in Japan (see the photos below).

This ‘11.3’ was the day that the great earthquake artificial in northeastern Japan, its tsunami and followed nuclear disaster in Fukushima occurred (read ‘The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -1’). 

By the way, I realized the scenario above doesn’t happen by chance. If this attack on Japan would indeed occur, I could image my reason. The Illuminati card above shows ‘Yokohama city destruction’ because Yokohama is near Atsugi (25 Km). I was born and raised there, and I lived there for a long time. I need to reset all past relationship including family relations, so that carry out more easily the given my mission, which rules the new human and new civilization (read ‘The intervention of Ummite is for confirmation of the theory’). 

I visited Japan in last December for the first time in a while and stayed there only ten days. I met few friends after I visited my parents’ grave. Moreover, I walked around the downtown of Yokohama that I have many memories of there. It was the last visit to Japan at current civilization, for saying them goodbye. That was all I could do.

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