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Who is another Messiah?

I have revealed in the previous post that the historical records such as the Bible, the Old Testament, and ancient mythologies are created by our crowded consciousness and will of ‘That world’ to give the information (prophecies), which suggests the coming human evolution event and aliens existence to the current human.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (read below), the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century, were discovered in the Qumran caves in the years 1947 to 1956. ‘War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness’ (read below) or ‘War Scrolls’ is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls and, it contains apocalyptic prophecy.
Dead Sea Scrolls

War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness

Furthermore, the desolation of Jerusalem must last for seventy years, according to ‘Book of Daniel’ of the Old Testament. This desolation of Jerusalem means the situation of Jerusalem that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are mixing in the same place (Dome of the Rock) and, many wars and conflicts between Israel and Palestine with the Arab nation has been occurring after the restoration of Israel.

In 2018, after 70 years from the restoration of Israel in May 1948 (I was born in Aug 1948 to be Antichrist. Read ‘Why do Ashkenazi Jews rebuild Temple of Solomon in São Paulo? – Antichrist rules new civilization’), the End of Days (the end of the desolation of Jerusalem) and the Return of Messiah (the reconstruction of Jerusalem) will occur. It obviously corresponds to the human evolution event and the construction of the new civilization with the new human that I argue.

The important thing is that ‘They’ (false Jews) are carrying out NWO with its timeline of the End of Days scenarios after the scientist of Rockefeller (false Jew) succeeded in the decoding of the Dead Sea Scrolls exclusively. This is because ‘They’ are manipulated by the will of ‘That world’ as well (read ‘To current human’), and such NWO conspiracy is essential for the human evolution event.

Now, let me mention about an issue coming from Ummite through telepathy. It’s on the existence of the two Messiahs that the Dead Sea Scrolls specify clearly. The Bible and the Old Testament have nothing of the mention about the two Messiahs. One of the Messiahs (Messiah of Israel) is I to be new human and Antichrist, but it’s entirely enigma that who is Messiah of Aaron. Read below.
Qumran’s two Messiahs

Ummite argues the crowded consciousness created this Dead Sea Scrolls instantly just before its first discovery occurred in 1947 and, the scrolls discovered more lately too as needed. It means that the will of ‘That world’ created such scenarios written on the scrolls in sequence for manipulating the human behavior.

Regarding another Messiah (Aaron) who didn’t appear in the Bible and the Old Testament at the time, it was the result that the will of ‘That world’ changed the scenarios of the End of Days already existed in its texts.

The will of ‘That world’ can change human history (past) making ‘fabrication’ of historic records (and historical-archaeological resources) at any time. Then I can say that our future changes as well due to its fabrication. Therefore, time goes on just one-way to the future (we cannot actually go back to the past) and, literary nobody knows the future included the will of ‘That world’, as Ummite said.

However, even so, we have unique and clear future. It is the evolution of the universe along with the evolution of whole organisms with intelligence (crowded consciousness) inclusive the human in the universe. Our evolution and its events never finish. Read ‘The end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence in the universe’.

Moreover, while I was writing this post, suddenly an idea flashed into my mind that the Messiah of Aaron is, oh fuck!, invader Ummite. It’s not easy to accept that possibility for me, but it’s possible considering my divulgations on this blog. Moreover, now I can understand why Ummite insists to stay on Earth intervening in the human and is disturbing me. Anyway, it would be clear eventually whether this is true or not.

So let me consider that Ummite is another Messiah or not. The first visit of Ummite to Earth was in 1950 and its trigger was that Ummite on the planet Ummo received Morse code signals emitted by a Norwegian ship on the ocean on Earth in 1934. Ummite understood this signal is regarding a foursquare theorem at the time. Thus, Ummite would want to imprint the episode below in my mind.   

My interest is why did the Morse code signals arrive far away from the planet Ummo going through the ionosphere and wafting in space? I don’t know whether Ummite revealed the signals’ contents or not, however if it would be, for example, Morse code SOS distress signal, I could think it would be really asking for help – an asking for an intervention in the human – from the will of (our) ‘That world’.

However, such will of ‘That world’ controls me. Then this episode has a flaw because I’m refusing the intervention of Ummite. In addition, we have been having the other alien visitors, so the will of (our) ‘That world’ didn’t necessarily invite especially Ummite.

According to ‘The Messiahs in the Qumran Documents’ that I found it after the conclusion above, however, four Messiahs likely to exist (more two Messiahs!), namely, king, priest, prophet, and heavenly messiahs. If this mention would be a fact, Ummite would want to point this heavenly Messiah.

Though the author of this article suggests the heavenly messiah’s existence has no conclusive evidence, saying, “The first three are defined on the basis of the societal office to which the messiah is anointed, but the fourth is defined by the messiah’s cosmological status, either earthly or heavenly. There is nothing contradictory, therefore, in the heavenly messiah also being a king”.

Melchizedek, appeared in its text of the Cave 11 Dead Sea Scrolls, would correspond to the heavenly messiah (read below). Nevertheless, real identify of Melchizedek is not clear even though I researched many articles on the net, and I’m only confused completely about Melchizedek.

In the end, I found the article below to understand this issue easier than the others, after wasting time like that. Even so, this article even doesn’t identify it as well. Therefore, my conclusion is that there’s no evidence regarding the heavenly messiah and alien (Ummite) messiah.
Melchizedek: Angel, Man or Messiah?

Many blog posts and articles of sites claim that ‘Nibiru’ comes with (heavenly) Messiah (read below). If the will of (our) ‘That world’ would want real ‘Nibiru’, the will could create it. I already pointed out the story of the planet ‘Nibiru’ is a fake by CIA and NASA, which means ‘They’ (false Jews) fabricated it. Moreover, Ummite, which is observing our Solar system status, denies the existence of the planet.
I’m afraid of people believes Messiah is aliens such as Ummite instead of the Messiah of Nibiru. If the human would accept Ummite as Messiah, Ummite could rule easily the human, but no doubt, I don’t want it (read ‘Coping with the alien invasions’). Anyway, the will of (our) ‘That world’ and crowded consciousness will have its conclusion later.

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