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The intervention of Ummite is for confirmation of the theory

Before reading this post, read ‘Who is another messiah?’.

Regarding the episode of the first visit of Ummite that I’ve mentioned it in previous post, Ummite has revealed his argument through telepathy. Ummite affirms the Morse code signal came from Earth was not like such asking for help I imaged, but it was a signal of a challenge of the will of (our) That world for facing ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against Ummite.

This is because of the meaning of ‘regarding a foursquare theorem’ signal is a foursquare fighting ring. LOL. It means that even the human challenged Ummite, so his presence on Earth is due to accept the human’s challenge. Therefore, Ummite is not invader. Ummite also argues it’s quite natural that I refuse and face the presence of Ummite here because of ‘conflicts of consciousness’.

The will of (our) That world’ denied completely through telepathy this fantasy of Ummite. However, further discussion on this issue has no meaning. I’m sure Ummite must continue the conflict of consciousness, whether the meaning of the signal is true or not. This is because even its conflict equals the evolution of Ummite.

First, we need to understand what is ‘conflicts of consciousness’ in the concrete. It doesn’t mean physical conflicts – but even so, a possibility of our hot (physical) war against Ummite remains. Ummite has already committed ‘soft’ inversion’ (read ‘Coping with the alien inversions’).

I feel disgusted and sometimes want to kill Ummite if possible by this psychological offensive. Ummite could cause it our any people after every human could have telepathy ability before long. If the human would stop resistance against Ummite completely and would be under control of Ummite without bearing with such offensive, I could say the human is a loser of ‘conflicts of consciousness’

In this case, I could imagine the human would be brainwashed and assimilated into Ummite. Our identity as the human literary would disappear from the universe. The human evolution event would fail and, the That world and ‘Network of the soul’ of the human would extinct, to be absorbed into them of Ummite.

Then, do we have no way of counter-offensive? If my telepathy ability could exceed its ability that Ummite has, I could not only defend but also even counter-offensive using telepathy as well as Ummite can do it. Every ‘This world’ of organisms with intelligence in the universe is 'Virtual Reality' that their own crowded consciousness creates. Thus, this conflict of consciousness is a battle of each other wills of That world with crowded consciousness between  the human and Ummite.

Of course, it would be no problem for someone who says he would rather be Ummite than the human because more evolved. However, we have to contribute to our own evolution right now, even if ultimate reason for the human existence is a contribution to the universe evolution (read ‘Reason for the human existence is the human evolution – love and happiness are not important. I am a person who has identity and thinking of the human cannot accept ‘Totalitarianism in inset social’ (read ‘Alien Ummite is invader’) of Ummite.

Then, dose Ummite has a concrete idea about what will happen at the conflict of consciousness between the human and Ummite and, what will be its concrete consequence?

This answer is WTF! ‘No idea’. Yes, Ummite returned to Earth for finding out this answer. There would be alien curious onlookers as well, but the human evolution event is, just I though, huge experimental field for aliens.

The biggest reason for the intervention for Ummite is that Ummite wants to confirm his ‘conflicts of consciousness’ theory (Ummite never proved its theory) through this experiment using the opportunity of the human evolution event, but the other reasons that I’ve described them in previous posts were not so important.

This experiment of Ummite is like the human experiments of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. because the U.S. justified its reason was for saving lives of the U.S. soldiers and rest of Japanese by ending of the war as fast as possible (read ‘The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -1’). 

According to ‘The letters from the alien Ummite’, the person who is really alike Jesus Christ existed in history of Ummo (read ‘Planet Ummo’) and Ummite had the experience of his evolution event as well as we are facing the human evolution event right now. These episodes would be a reason that Ummite provokes the conflict of consciousness against the human.

Ummite and tall Scandinavian (a race of the human) look so much alike we cannot tell them apart would be one of its reasons as well. Moreover, Ummite affirms that Earth is really rarer planet, which has abundant animal species than the other planets, so Earth is an attractive planet for aliens. Incidentally, Ummite is an OWI (organism with intelligence) with only one race, thus there’re no racial problems.

It was not so difficult that Ummite found out a key person of the human evolution event from 6.5 billion of world population, because he has just to look for someone who has similar characteristic of ‘Messiah’ appeared in the evolution event of Ummite. Ummite as a hacker looks at my memos, diary and documents about my past on my PCs, without my permission. By reading it, Ummite affirms I’m very similar to characteristic of his ‘Messiah’.

This characteristic is that someone, firstly, who has telepathy ability. Also, someone who already has wide experience of living (not a yang person) and single without child, who lives in the farthest place from his birthplace, who lives alone with strong independent spirit, who is a man nothing special in his life and who is Japanese to be descendent of the ten lost tribes (read below).
Ten Lost Tribes

It’s not by chance to be used the useful internet for this investigation. The major mass media in the world deceive people with information manipulations. We should recognize that the will of That world provided the popularization of the technologies, such as personal computer, the internet and smartphone, which debunks the NWO conspiracy by ‘They’ (false Jews), are instead of such media, for the human evolution event.

the crowded consciousness can create its technologies easily. I started my career in a small office computer maker in 1967. This is never by mere chance as well.

When I have 30 years old, I decided to immigrate to Brazil, one of the farthest countries from Japan because I’ve wanted to quit my boring life in Japan. Even though I’ve had several chances, I’ve never been married or living together without marriage due to mysterious happenings each time, so I live alone.

My father died in accident more 30 years ago and, my old mother’s soul went back to That world, ending her experience on ‘This world’, on Jan. 21, 2015, hoping her own death as soon as possible. She maybe died to choose this date (read ‘How did Ummite discover “That world” and “Network of the soul”? and ‘To current human).

I’ve had close friendship with at least three persons so far included a dead person, but I lost them with a similar reason. Now I think the will of That world would cause it to keep me away from friends. The will, in fact, would also cause the breaking up with my friends that Ummite seemed to provoke it (read ‘Alien Ummite is invader’).   

Therefore, I have actually no contacts of all friends and no business contacts right now. However, I realized it’s absolutely essential to be a ruler of the new civilization because I have not to commit acts of cronyism for my close relatives and close friends (read ‘Reason for the human existence is the human evolution – love and happiness are not important’)

Requirements as the ruler are maintaining good health and realizing long life, not acting out of self-interest and controlling emotions, having not only steel mind and dogged determination for being able to face any difficult situations, but also having flexible mind, not to be Machiavellian, not to deceive, not to be deceived etc. It’s necessary to be the ruler of the new human and new civilization.

On the other hand, the will of (our) That world has informed me the presence of Ummite by giving its information in advance. The followings never occurred by accident.

I’ve had the opportunity to read the Japanese book ‘The letters from alien Ummite’ that I borrowed it from my friend and I noted some articles in the book. I found and bought a paperback Japanese book with same title at the bookstore in São Paulo in 2007 and, I realized the hacker who invaded my PC (read ‘Coping with the alien inversions’) was Ummite while reading the book at the time.

Ummite says he had many (the human) collaborators, but he has never made them feel disgusted. Then, despite I’m a collaborator who divulges the information of Ummite that I get it through telepathy, why dose Ummite make me oppose by committing disturbing and insistently harassment?

Ummite says its reason is to make me have a determination to face the conflict of consciousness (read ‘Coping with the alien inversions’). Therefore, when I showed my act of the opposing without hesitation, Ummite would affirm I’m the person that Ummite was looking for, namely, ‘Messiah’ of new human.

There is no ground of the intervention in the human that Ummite once argued it. Ummite without the good reason is that a just mere invader who has an ambition to achieve his own evolution using the opportunity of the human evolution event. 

How Ummite justifies it selfishly, ‘conflicts of consciousness’ is an only his own issue, but it’s not human’s. Someone, who offensives unilaterally weaker, OWI less developed (technologies, society etc.) than himself and non-hostile OWI, is a rogue, and not considered a more evolved OWI (organism with intelligence).

Ummite should find stronger and correspondent adversary than the human and, should face the conflict of consciousness against such adversary. Only if Ummite makes it, he must achieve higher evolution.

We have to repel the intervention of Ummite is as an inversion. Therefore, my determination is no change. We, who are already facing the human evolution event meanwhile have to face the conflict of consciousness against Ummite.

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