Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Does the solution to ancient historical mystery make sense?

I argued that facts, historical records, and archaeological-historical resources are creatures of our crowded consciousness in the post below.

Concerning the description of ‘Coping with the alien invasion’, I realized (by the suggestion of Ummite) that it contradicted the argument above. This means I argued that amazing constructions of lost ancient civilizations were by aliens’ technologies and, I’ve imagined aliens destroyed Mohenjo-Daro with some of their weapons. So let me explain this issue below and eliminate its description.

In conclusion, whether it’s true or not, it’s meaningless not only to claim like me that aliens had involved with the archaeological-historical resources such as the pyramids, Mohenjo-Daro, the lost civilizations, Atlantis, and out-of-place artifact (read below) but also to deny such involvement with aliens as a pseudoscience and they were just human-made with human’s own knowledge.
Out-of-place artifact

Note: It’s quite possible that the ancient nuclear war theory of Mohenjo-Daro is a hoax. Read below (added on January 24, 2017).

The reason for unbelievable many enigmas and the amazing construction technology of the pyramids, the Bible, and ancient mythologies are things, which is not based on any reality, namely, fantasies created by our crowded consciousness as I already argued it in ‘Reason for the human existence is the human evolution. In addition, new archaeological-historical resources and historical records continue to be created today by new its discoveries.

However, why do the human need such meaningless historical records and archaeological-historical resources? Do our crowded consciousness and the will of ‘That world’, which controls the human in ‘This world’ created it on a whim? We could think there’re two clear purposes for this issue.

First one is for giving us the information about next human evolution (the human evolution event) as Apocalypse scenarios in the Old Testament, Eschatology, and ancient mythologies. The other one is so that the human could realize the presence of the other organism with intelligence (aliens) through the archeological-historical resources included the out-of-place artifacts.

Regarding the second purpose above, the pyramids of Giza have, for example, amazing math enigma (read below). However, it’s illusion created by the will of ‘That world’ and by crowded consciousness as well. If I were the will of ‘That world’ and I would want to arouse your strong curiously, I would create and show you such amazing things. The will of ‘That world’ exactly did it.
The Pyramids of Giza – A Mathematical Enigma

Live testimonies (not liars), which had seen the constructions of pyramids etc. at the time not exist.  It’s not important to know the constructions know-how and its purposes except the mention above. This is because the historical records and the archaeological-historical resources are illusions emerged instantly by the crowded consciousness and, it’s like something that authors of sci-fi stories or animation cartoonists invent freely. 

Therefore, researching the enigmas of the pyramids, Nazca Lines, the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, Atlantis, the stones spheres of Costa Rica, Moai of Easter Island etc. does not make sense. The problem is that people recognize them as real physical matter (read below).
We are not made of matter

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