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Coping with the alien invasions

Before reading this post, read ‘To current human’

The human evolution event is, in fact, a human’s domestic issue. Thus, problems must not occur due to the will of (our) ‘That world’ causes it for the human. The possibility of total human extinction that Ummite alleges does not exist. The most important and intractable issue for us is interventions and interference of aliens, with means invasions of aliens as an outsider that the will of (our) ‘That world’ cannot control.

However, it’s not invasions of the aliens with pretentious war that ‘Star Wars’ is showing, but it’s ‘soft’ invasions, using mind control and disinformation. Even if we would have such war against aliens, we might have only tiny chance to defeat them, because of weapons technology gap between the human and the aliens.

Meanwhile, someone would think the aliens are like messiahs. The aliens indeed brought us advanced information and technologies – many human’s technologies are reinvented, but it’s not our originals. However, if someone thinks the aliens are innocent Santa Claus with a high level of consciousness or have a spirit of philanthropy, obviously, he is wrong.

This is because the aliens utilize the human evolution event as a means of research and experiments regarding the evolution of organisms with intelligence. Moreover, stories such as aliens invade for slaving the human or eating us for food are just childish gags, but in fact, they already intervene in the human. Ummite, for example, intervenes to launch conflicts of consciousness, which Ummite argues.

According to Ummite, we are ‘living’ virtually in a fantasy (of virtual reality) that our crowded consciousness create and every consciousness eventually heads toward the unification through the conflicts of consciousness, which occur among each consciousness included other organisms with intelligence (aliens) in the universe. It’s the universe evolution (read below) and conflicts of consciousness are absolutely essential for the evolution.
Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe

About the deleted text below, read ‘Does the solving ancient historical mystery make sense?’.

We cannot negate many aliens have intervened since lost ancient civilizations because of existences of archaeological sites using huge stones and amazing technologies for its construction. The case of Mohenjo-Daro destroyed by hi-temperature, we could imagine that the aliens destroyed it using nuclear or plasma weapons due to some conflict occurred (read below).
Ancient Nuclear Warfare

Ummite affirmed that any aliens who visited Earth have never threatened the human. I no longer believe it because of Mohenjo-Daro above. Ummite utilizes the human evolution event, at any rate, for research and experiments about the evolution of organisms with intelligence and, exploit me for controlling the will of (our) ‘That world’ and ruling the human as its result, by deceiving me with disinformation on the internet.  
By the way, why not only are many people still skeptical about it but also why do they even think other organisms with intelligence (aliens) except the human don’t exist, even though the aliens still intervene continuously? No doubt, it's because of Ashkenazi Jews (‘They’) have committed widely and skillfully cover-up operations.

Well, what’s ‘soft’ invasion, using mind control through telepathy is that Ummite has continued to interfere in my behavior like a stalker since 2007 when Ummite invaded my PC as a hacker. Even if my daily life is not so affected, he interferes with my internet usage and, makes me feel my body movements are heavier and having a slight headache with a sensation of pressure, maybe by telepathy.

Ummite not only sends some information into my brain through telepathy but also can block my memories and erase temporal memories of my brain’s hippocampus without using the device for erasing witness’ memory that the movies ‘Man in Black’ show. Although it’s not perfect, Ummite must be able to control my consciousness through telepathy.

Ashkenazi Jews (‘They’) use following processes for triggering the world wars: firstly ‘They’ provoke social, political and economic crises and, provoke terrorism and conflicts repeatedly with ‘false flag operations’, and finally, provoke fake incidents to cause directly the world wars. Another one is that ‘They’ commit insistently harassment against target countries repeatedly for feeding aversion, hate, and put their governments into a corner for making them decide to war.

Ummite uses exactly the second process above and launches conflicts of consciousness in such way. I have no protection measures right now against such psychological offensive of Ummite. Moreover, I have another problem that I cannot distinguish immediately my idea is either my original or of the will of (our) 'That world' or of Ummite or, it's of the other aliens through telepathy, when I’m thinking about something.

Sometimes I feel disgusted and anger against pushy ‘instruction’ that more evolved organism with intelligence (Ummite) gives a primitive person (me). If I would welcome it obediently, it would mean as well as I agree with a total rule by Ummite.  

Not only me, but also there’re many collaborators who manage their blogs in order to manipulate information and public opinions for Ummite for a long time, maybe like your favorite conspiracy theory sites or blogs and internet forums, except of David Icke, Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and so on (read below).
Caution! About false whistle-blowers

I’ve revealed about current intervention (invasion) of Ummite through many blog posts and criticized him. However, Ummite is likely to do not intend of stopping the intervention. One of its reasons is that Ummite failed the intervention, once he tried (read below). Ummite maybe realized that he faces new own evolution with this fail. It means I can consider that the human evolution event is ongoing along with Ummite evolution event. 
The true reason for the intervention of Ummite
Human evolution event also awakes unprecedented awareness of Ummite
Could alien Ummite be exploitative?

However, I cannot agree with the intention of Ummite that any behavior against the human is permitted for the evolution event research as well as the behaviors of ‘They’, China and South Korea. Furthermore, I feel angry because of the unfair attack and harassment of the alien, who have a ‘conflict’ obsession against me, even though I cannot completely accept ‘conflicts of consciousness’ theory,

I think Ummite has no so higher consciousness with such behavior of Ummite. Therefore, Ummite would expect more evolution.

By the way, Ummite doesn't prevent the divulgation of my criticizes in this blog. I can feel on the contrary, Ummite encourages me to divulge it. This behavior wouldn't be fair but would be with some advantages for Ummite. Even if Ummite could deceive people covering up such divulgation, someday the people would find out this fact eventually.

Ummite already understands very well that its situation above makes the intervention in the human more difficult when it occurs. Anyway, Ummite even wants to continue the intervention.

If the evolution event of Ummite is a fact, ‘soft’ invasion is not all but Ummite would provoke real war using his hi-tech arms against the human. Any organism with intelligence should face great risk of extinction in the evolution event, which means that Ummite could not avoid mega death also as well as the current human death by the human evolution event. It maybe occurs by the war.

From the above, I already decided to confront Ummite. Even though its decision would give swindle alien Ummite an excuse for real invasion using force, there’s no alternative but to have a showdown with Ummite who have the ‘conflicts’ obsession.

I’ve recognized the alien Ummite and Gray is invader since 2011 but I honestly have practically no reliable information about the other spectators of the human evolution event, namely, aliens such as Gray. Almost aliens’ information on the internet must be manipulated. Thus, I need real information regarding it for coping.

Recently, Australian scientists’ team discovered closest habitable planet Wolf 1061c just 14 light years away. I think this discovery would not be by chance.
Discovery: Nearby star hosts closest alien planet in the “habitable zone”
Planet Ummo

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