Monday, December 14, 2015

Faiths and religions – prohibition of religions

I posted ‘The biggest fraudster in human history is religion’ on this blog five years ago and, I proved that God (gods) doesn’t exist by the articles in the posts ‘God does not exist because we are God’, ‘Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe’ and in the other posts. 

Moreover, I argued that I’m a new human and I will rule new civilization after the human evolution event through my telepathy ability in the posts ‘Why do Ashkenazi Jews rebuild Temple of Solomon in Sao Paulo? – Antichrist rules new civilization’ and ‘The Great Tribulation will begin in coming September’. Therefore, I need to disclose my notion about the new civilization’s social rule next time.  

First, we have to abandon any god. Someone who still insists the existence of gods (God), he should prove it scientifically. Naturally, I refuse any religious fundamentalism’s argument. God is as well as an artificial intelligence that I already mentioned. God create the human, according to Genesis, but it’s impossible that the gods (God) created by the human’s consciousness create the human. We should not ask such gods to help for solutions of our problems, irresponsibly.

Now, let me reveal it regarding current religions. We need to consider faiths and the regions separately. Then I don’t need to prohibit faiths. We can realize such faiths with our strong determination or conviction, because our world and universe are made of our crowded consciousness (read below) However, nobody should exploit the faiths for political purposes.
Why does ‘STAP’ cell not happen, when we eat lemon?
What is our recognizing truth?

Note: Unfortunately, ‘STAP’ cell was not realized and this event ended with the ugly scandal, but ‘truth’ is determined like that.

I will forbid every current religion. Ironically, even though every god is created by the human – contrary to common sense, the almost religion fabricates and abuses illusions such as ‘absolute power’, ‘absolute authority’, ‘absolute truth’, ‘absolute sovereignty’ of their god (God), as a tool for own interests, committing any exploit in order to keep people in slavery-like situation.

Jesus Christ ever actually existed and he was a new human who appeared prematurely for over 2000 years, according to the alien Ummite. Muhammad and Buddha are likely to exist in history also. Moreover, there are many founders or gurus of junk religions or cults here and there. Anyway, every religious founders or gurus are obviously not gods (God).

People could be a believer of such founders or gurus, but they should not exploit them as, for example, an absolute justice or an absolute power, namely, absolute lies for realizing own purpose or interests.

Christmas is coming soon. There will be no religious commemoration day in coming new civilization. I repeat that we should not abuse faiths for political ends and for making profits.

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