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Does free energy exist? – Tesla coil causes Hutchison Effect

There is much information about free energy on the net even though the most such information is false or questionable. Recently, NASA confirmed that their ‘impossible’ EM-Drive, which is considered a free energy propulsion system, really works not only on Earth but also in a vacuum chamber (in space). Read below.
NASA confirms that the ‘impossible’ EmDrive thruster really works, after new tests

On the other hand, Tesla coil (read below) can produce high-voltage, high-frequency AC with low-current and strong magnetic field. However, a mechanism of Tesla coil with a resonant circuit is not so clear so far and, it can be used to make some free energy devices also such as Donald Smith’s Generator. Watch the video below and read below.
Tesla coil

2k w free energy device don smith

The free energy devices above can output bigger energy by inputting small energy. If we could advance these device’ technology, it would be even possible to gain enormous energy. Even so, theoretically it’s impossible to explain its phenomenon if we insist on the law of conservation energy. Then we have to find out where this increased energy comes from.

Now, let me figure out why the increased energy happens. First, read below to understand the theories of ‘Twin universe’ and ‘Superball’, are mentioned in the post. An electric current in circuits flows in opposite direction of electrons’ flow, i.e. the superballs, so-called electrons, are moving to our universe from another universe of the Twin universe, according to the theory of 'Superball'.      
‘God particle’ is only a state of ‘Superball’

In a circuit of Tesla coil, a resonance phenomenon of the secondary coil occurs. Then the electrons transformed in our universe from antielectrons, come from another universe through ‘Warp’, increase. At the same time, it produces a strong magnetic field between the coils and, it transformed into high-voltage and high-frequency. This increased portion is even increased energy.

Incidentally, the episode that Tesla had contact with aliens is not a hoax. He really obtained information of the Tesla coil from an alien.

The greatest inventions and discovers, which are believed that the human achieved them, included the technologies, were getting by reverse engineering recently (read below), in fact, were obtained from aliens. Obviously, we have to exclude like the theory of relativity, which is blocking a progress of the human’s cosmology, of fake genius Einstein (read below).
Plasma weapons are used in World War III
Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physic is an unreality

Then how is about EM Drive case? What produces microwaves of EM Drive is magnetron. The magnetron utilizes resonance produced by electrons and cavities (resonant cavities) of a positive electrode (anode). Such electrons amplification, which utilizes the resonance, is even a way to withdraw energy from another universe of the Twin universe.
Cavity magnetron

The phenomenon above happens not only on the electron but also on any particles such as atoms and photon because they’re only states of transformed superballs. This means that anything could come and go (Warp) between our universe and another universe by resonating strongly. A way to push up a tiny amount of propellant of current EM Drive must be to make the magnetron's resonance stronger.

By the way, what will happen after gaining such energy from another universe? The sum of energy of our universe (matter, gravity etc. of illusion exist) and another universe (antimatter, antigravity etc. of illusion exist) should be always same (=zero). Energy, we believe that it was lost in our universe, in fact, just moved to another universe, changing into anti-energy. Therefore, true free energy is not ‘free’ due to just it comes and goes between our and another universe.

Note: About ‘matter, gravity etc. of illusion exist’ above, read ‘My request to scientists who advocate the standard cosmological model’. Everything of the universes, which can exist by only our recognition, is mere illusion. 

Well, About Hutchison Effect (watch the video below), which was occurred by the Tesla coil experiment, this is associated with the disaster of the destroyer Eldridge at the Philadelphia Experiment. That means astounding phenomena of the Hutchison effect is almost same phenomena occurred on the Eldridge such as teleportation (Warp), levitation, fusion between dissimilar materials, burning of materials, materials become invisible and so on.

Hutchison Effect

Needless to say that Hutchison effect is phenomena occurred when anything comes and goes (Warp) between our and another universe. Incidentally, the reason of becoming invisible materials is that the superballs of the materials change into wave state (not into particle state) and, the energy might be the same state that the superballs change into a wave.

The alien Ummite was alerting on the LHC of CERN, the biggest and the most expensive toy for scientists ever made that it is a serious threat because there's a possibility of its Warp to another universe. If it’s true, the LHC must have Tesla coil mounted in its electromagnetic accelerate system.

However, Such Tesla coil isn't used in the LHC’s accelerator as long as I searched for its information on the net. Thus the alert of Ummite must be disinformation. But for all that, I don’t think the LHC is totally safe because our world is just illusion that our crowded consciousness builds. Anything could happen.

I realized something while I’m seeking the information to write this post. WTF! There’re many high powers Tesla coil around the world, for example, the Tesla coils in the former Soviet Union (the photo below).

Watch the video below (added on Nov. 29, 2015).


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