Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Finally, Pope Francis gets role of Antichrist

At the time that I posted the previous article, I was not sure who takes the role of false Antichrist. Now I know that Pope Francis gets its role given by ‘They’ (fake Jews). Watch the videos below – ‘They’ must have prepared these videos to show their intention (NWO) for deceiving you. However, this old man doesn’t have any ability of Antichrist. He is just actor to play Antichrist role.

By the way, recently Volkswagen’s emissions fraud scandal in the U.S. occurred. This scandal could result Germany’s huge economic damage. ‘They’ provoked it in intention that Germany could be enemy of the U.S. and would destabilize European political-economic situation, namely, with same motive of the Syrian refugee’s crisis. Angela Merkel – illegitimate daughter of Hitler (read below) – caused deterioration of the crisis deliberately for assuming the father’s role in the World War II.
‘Agenda’ of ‘They’

Daughter Of Adolph Hitler Vows To Complete European Union

Putin, possible Antichrist according to some opinion, must already have died and body doubles assumed his role. Read the article below and check any photos of Putin on the internet. Then, you must find out his doubles. ‘They’ assassinated many world political leaders such as J. F. Kennedy, Stalin and so on, who did not obey.
Putin Long Dead Says Ex-Wife (Video)

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