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Plasma weapons are used in World War III

I argued in the last post that the World War III occurs as a part of the Great Tribulation, namely, a part of the human evolution event. Right now, the WW III caused by ‘They’ or Ashkenazi Jews (fake Jews) is obviously ongoing in the Islamic State (ISIL), in the Middle East and in Ukraine, in Europe and, it will happen in the Far East soon.

In this post, let me describe new weapons used in the war rather than about its scenario. Such new or secret weapons are with higher technologies than cutting-edge missile systems or stealth technology and so on that military geek talks about it and, have more highly destructive power than nuclear weapons.

It’s neither the laser weapons nor the railgun (read below), which are current military topics, but plasma weapons used in the Gulf War battlefield secretly and human-made UFO was seen various locations in the world. In addition, the cattle mutilations were an experiment of the U.S. military using the plasma (read below).
Laser Weapon System
Cattle Mutilations

In fact, of course ‘They’ use the plasma weapon, which has more destructive power than conventional nuclear weapons along with nuclear weapons in the war, because ‘They’ kill more than 90% of the human according to the NWO plan – Georgia Guidestones (see the photo below) has the message, ‘Maintain humanity under 500.000.000 in perpetual balance with nature’.

The U.S. military not only used illegal depleted uranium weapons but also used secretly high-temperature plasma weapons to kill and burn tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers to ashes instantly – without even remaining skeletons – in the battlefield, according to Ummite. The coalition military, which was not informed such fact, could strike Iraqi empty combat vehicles easily. Then the U.S. underrepresented and covered up the real body count of Iraqi soldiers.

Now, I’ll talk about basic technologies of such secret weapons. I already posted ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’ and ‘Plasma weapon is 10000 times of the atomic bomb power’ for describing on MHD and plasma weapon in 2009. Furthermore, I explained the UFO flight technology of the alien Ummite in the post ‘UFO technology of Ummite’.

On the outer hand, the U.S. made UFO ‘TR-3B’ is powered by an antigravity propulsion system or hydrogen-oxygen fuel rocket engines with nuclear power as its thruster, according to some information on the net, and If so, the U.S. made UFO wouldn’t be with MHD propulsion system that UFOs of aliens have it. Is it true?
UFO technology of Ummite -7

For example, a flight used the antigravity could realize, if the TR-3B could go to another universe of the twin universe that antigravity effect is working and return from there. Then it realizes only this 'Warp Drive' process repeated, but critical position control is required also when non-materialized TR-3B in the ‘Warp’ process begins its re-materialized (read below). However, the U.S. (the human) doesn’t obtain such high-tech yet.
‘God particle’ is only a state of ‘Superball’

In the rocket engine case, even though the SpaceX can put its rocket recycling technology to practical use, it would be super difficult to realize incredible high-speed UFO movement with a conventional rocket engine control system (read below).
SpaceX Postpones Historic Rocket Recycling Test

Therefore, the antigravity propulsion system and the rocket engines with the nuclear power system above must be disinformation and, in fact, the TR-3B has an entry level MHD propulsion system that the U.S. stole it from Ummite. However, regarding its degree of technological perfection, this human-made UFO would be a little better than the Wright Flyer, the first successful powered aircraft built by the Wright brothers, if modern aircraft is the UFO of Ummite.

This means that it must be an inferior copy of the UFO of Ummite and it couldn’t fly with agile movements as well as the UFO of Ummite can do. Moreover, engineers would oblige to change its shape from a circle to triangle due to some technical problems.  

Well, the issue that is more serious is the plasma weapon, but it wouldn’t be such inferior copy UFO. The plasma weapon used in the Gulf War changes instantly many Iraqi soldiers into ashes with high temperature. This weapon of massive destruction doesn’t cause troublesome radiation contamination as nuclear weapons have.

In addition, the plasma bomb dropped on Jupiter is equal to one million megatons nuclear weapon and its magnitude of the explosion was bigger than Earth-size. If it would be used accidentally, the human and Earth would be at a great risk of instant extinction as Ummite argues. 
Picatinny engineers set phasers to ‘fry’

Ummite affirms facts, not only the cattle mutilations but also the abductions, the incidents provoked by aliens particularly in Brazil (watch the video below) and so on, were frame-up of the MJ-12 (read ‘The Majestic 12’ below). Alien Grey’s cooperation such as the construction of the human-made UFO (TR-3B: read below) was disinformation of the U.S. intelligence such as the CIA. They have been blaming Grey to cover up such experiments.
The Majestic 12

The Triangle UFOs, UFO Casebook Research

Incidentally, higher technologies such as a laser, microprocessors, fiber optics, infrared vision apparatus, super-tenacity fibers etc. are results of reverse engineering from the alien Grey’s crashed UFO at Roswell. Watch the video below (added on March 7, 2015).

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