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Why do Ashkenazi Jews rebuild Temple of Solomon in São Paulo? – Antichrist rules new civilization

I explained that the NWO conspiracy of Ashkenazi Jews (fake Jews) – including provocations for World War III – is just a part of the human evolution event in this blog (read below). According to the last article below, the Third Temple is likely should be constructed before the return of Jesus Christ as Messiah, namely, beginning World War III as one of the Great Tribulation.
Another signal of the event in the human evolution
What is the human evolution event?
No ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event

Third Temple


However, there is no rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem so far. On the other hand, UCKG (read below) carried out an official inauguration ceremony of Temple of Solomon constructed in São Paulo, Brazil (read below) with the presence of the president of Brazil, the governor of São Paulo and so on, on July 31. According to an interpretation of the Bible, despite Jews have to rebuild the temple in Israel, if it would be in the other country such as Brazil, it could be for Antichrist – a settlement of Antichrist.
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Temple in Brazil Appeals to a Surge in Evangelicals


Temple of Solomon (São Paulo)

31/07/2014 - Dilma Rousseff prestigia cerimônia de inauguração do Templo de Salomão

No doubt, this Brazilian temple is the Third Temple that fake Jews (‘They’) had long hoped to complete their NWO. Then why did they select São Paulo as its site? You will not believe following argument, this is anything but nonsense. That means ‘They’ selected São Paulo because I live in there, namely, my mother was born on February 2, 1922 (2222) and I will be 66 years and 6 months old (666) when next Passover comes up on April 2015 (read below).
2014 - 2015 blood moons, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses on Jewish feast days The future of Israel

However, ‘They’ own wouldn’t know this fact. The will of our ‘That world’ must order them (in fact, their unconscious minds) to construct it in São Paulo without giving them such real reason. Furthermore, I’ve never been a Christian but I may be a legitimate Sephardic Jew descendant (read below) and I'm a new human. I must be an Antichrist due to I negated the existence of God (read below) and I have similar ideas of the NWO about post-human evolution event social rules (read below).
The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -2
Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe.
What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

Well, next year will be exactly beginning of the Great Tribulation (this could be the human evolution event). However, after the tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ (Resurrection of Jesus or Second Coming) will not occur and Jesus will not destroy the Antichrist, as the Bible prophecy says (read below), because Jesus Christ was a precocious new human (not God) at that time according to the investigation of Ummite.

Therefore, about the millennial kingdom (new civilization with the evolved human) of the bible’s description, – if I believe ‘Premillennialism’ (read below) will be occur – there would be no contradiction between the Bible and this case that I will establish it as the Antichrist (a new human) after the tribulation on behalf of Christ (a new human). It means Jesus Christ = New Human = Antichrist.

In addition, regime of the new civilization will be literally a kingdom and fraudulent democracy with so-called politician will be extinct. Even the quote on democracy by Winston Churchill, “it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” is just swindler’s pretext for deceiving people. Churchill was crypt-Ashkenazi Jew also.

Now, let me mention about Rapture. In fact, the Rapture (read below) that evangelists, spiritualists and so on propagate it are a kind of pop-cultures, namely, a fiction (it isn’t the bible prophecy) as well as Ascension’s story. Instead, emergence of the new human and the human evolution event could be substitute for them. However, it will be unlike such Rapture and Ascension. The almost people are destined to die in any event (read below).
What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture?
My view of life and death
Our soul never extinct even if we die
Near Death Experience

It might be dead by natural disasters, by wars, by criminals, by diseases or by suicides. Even so, you do not need to be afraid of dying. It’s necessary for your evolution. Current human should be born again as the new human with evolved brain. However, population of the new civilization should be limited from 300 thousand to 500 thousand for its social stability.

Furthermore, ‘inalienable rights’ such as Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness and human rights – it’s actually just a swindle – are should be limited also. True motive of our ‘existence’ in ‘This world’ is our evolution, but it’s not to be happy and, I have no notion of “Hate not the person but the vice”.

Aliens such as Ummite are the largest threat for the human and the human evolution event. We have to be free from any alien’s intervention and interference during the event (read below).  I should expel any alien as an invader. Moreover, we need to begin official contacts and negotiations with these aliens in post-event anyway. It’s absolutely necessary for our future.
We must reject alien interventions
Alien Ummite is invader

Who has conditions to negotiate with the aliens are neither world political leaders or real global handlers (‘They’), nor the United Nation. Every world leaders such as the president of the U.S. are controlled puppet of ‘They’. The UN with incompetent Secretary-General and many corrupt staffs is a delusive intergovernmental organization controlled by ‘They’. At any case, I must unique new human so far who can negotiate with such aliens. 

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