Sunday, July 13, 2014

My request to the scientists who advocate the standard cosmological model

Well readers, unfortunately, I have to recognize the theories of the alien Ummite that I was revealing them in this blog as truth. Therefore, my conclusion about the universe is: The whole universe including matter, energy, particles, bosons, etc. is literally illusion (non-matter) that our sensory organs create and, it was created by all (crowded) consciousness (non-matter) of organisms with intelligence such as the human.

If someone argues the existence of matter, this person should prove its origin of the matter without the hypothesis. Incidentally, our theoretical physic is abusing such hypotheses. In this case, we couldn’t call it a science – It’s more like an occult. 

Anyway, I’m expecting to get a much better answer on the issue above than the theories of Ummite from scientists, primarily, from the standard cosmological model’s advocates.

The controversy above is a provocation and a mental offensive of Ummite against us, which means that Ummite is launching ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against the human. As new human, I demand that not only scientists abandon immediately ‘hypothesis-based on another hypothesis’ standard cosmological model – it was fabricated and is been advocating by physicists such as a false Jew/fake great genius, Einstein – but they also create new cosmology that Ummite and other evolved organisms of intelligence could be convinced by its theories.

If our scientists could achieve it, the cosmology of the human would be truth without question (added on July 16, 2014).

First of all, the biggest problem of our science (cosmology) is that so-called matter exists even though it’s a hypothesis. We need a fundamental change in that thinking.

Only (crowded) consciousness and their histories, societies, policies, arts as images and otherwise, for example, any ideas, images, fantasies, concepts, concept models and etc. exist. Nothing more exists. The universe, our world, time, dimensions, atoms, molecules, particles, bosons, radiations, waves, gravity, matter and everything, everything is an illusion. Sensory organs of organisms which create such illusions are an illusion too. Even ‘Superball’ (read 'God particle is only state of "Superball"'), which was thought out for explaining about boson’s issue is an illusion.

In truth, we are communicating each other through telepathy (readHow did Ummite discover ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul”? – The principle of telepathy’). This is because we are not made of matter (read ‘We are not made matter’). Our sensory system such as visual system, auditory system, olfactory system etc. are an illusion, thus our speech communication is an illusion. Man-made communication tools such as telecommunication and computers-internet are an illusion too.

In addition, despite languages is also an illusion, there’s the problem that consciousness cannot communicate due to the different language, which means telepathies between our consciousness doesn’t work. However, we will be able to use telepathy generally along with our evolution as well as Ummite can do it. Besides, any languages will be unnecessary with consciousness fusion by ‘conflicts of consciousness’.

We use the words such as virtual reality, matrix, and hologram, which were invented by the human to express imaginary and/or non-matter things, but they are an illusion too. Everything is a mere illusion (added on July 18, 2014).

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