Friday, July 4, 2014

The end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence in the universe

In the previous post, I verified on the question that who creates the consciousness. It would be likely a controversy of ‘chicken or the egg’ (read below) to know its creator. Therefore I’ve written ‘I cannot answer that question’ under a suggestion of Ummite.
Chicken or the egg

However, there’s an assumption that nothing exists except the consciousness even in such conclusion. If that assumption would be removed from it, there should be ‘something’ to create the consciousness that not only the current organisms with intelligence couldn’t know, but it also isn't so-called God. We need to find out it. In addition, even Ummite must not have a conclusive theory about what is the end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence (crowded consciousness).   

That ‘something’, for example, might be the following: It’s an idea that just one unique fused consciousness (read below), at the end of the evolution and ‘conflicts of consciousness’ (read below) process, is even the creator of the consciousness. Which means that it’s the concept written in ‘Cyclical view of time’ of the article ‘chicken or the egg’ above, namely, it’s an eternal repetitive that the drawing of the ‘Möbius strip’ below shows.
What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

‘The universe of Möbius strip’ concept (read ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -10’)

The argument in the last post that ‘even the consciousness, which is thinking about its consciousness, is the creator of its consciousness and the universe’ can be explained by this concept also. Incidentally, the consciousness numbers are going to shrink along with the evolution and ‘conflicts of consciousness. In this case, ‘Big Bang’ of the universe, is made of the crowded consciousness, doesn’t occur – in fact, ‘Big Crunch’ is occurring (read below).
It’s okay. Nothing really matters. We don’t actually exist, anyway. Or so the Higgs Boson particle suggests

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