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Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe

I argued several times that the human’s standard cosmological model with a lot of paradoxes is wrong. This time let me verify about the Big Bang theory, which has a fundamental defect. Read below.
Big Bang

How the Big Bang Theory Works

Why the Big Bang is wrong

I’ve already described why God does not exist in the post below. The Big Bang theory has same problem recognized when I verified on the existence of God. On the Big Bang theory, first of all, ‘a single point’, of extreme density and temperature, included everything of the universe must exist before beginning cosmic inflation.
God does not exist because we are God

Moreover, in the post, I mentioned (if God would exist) 'Who created God?'. Thus I could ask a similar question about the Big Bang theory: Who created ‘a single point’? How was it created? Proponents of the theory have to explain not only the Big Bang but also about them. If there would be no answer, this theory would be no longer considered a completed one.

Before constructing the Big Bang theory, the originator of the theory had to explain on ‘a single point’, but he left this issue as mere hypothesis. Cosmologists, who couldn’t realize its fact despite they are researching on the Big Bang evidence for long time, must be idiots or swindlers who are more interested in economic and honorary benefits than cosmology research (read below). Therefore I have to say the Big Bang theory is a wrong model. Then is there alternative theory?
'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball' -2

According to the alien Ummite, the universe was created by the crowded consciousness of every organism with intelligence within it such as the human and, that is mere illusion because everything in the universe is non-matter. Read below.
We are not made of matter

What dose ‘untold universe’ mean?

Now you maybe ask me who creates such consciousness as well as the question that who create God. My answer is I cannot answer that question. This means that we exactly are thinking this issue right now. If literally nobody would be considering the question, the issue would disappear, namely, the asking is unanswerable for everybody.

In truth, we were created by thinking consciousness and we’re non-matter of a virtual reality. Furthermore, everything recognized by our sensory organs such as seeing, hearing, feeling and so on is illusion of a VR too. The ‘creation’ (making or production) is a concept, which can apply to the physical world. For example, even if I (I’m an illusion of VR, in truth, I’m a consciousness: non-matter) could dream about answering the questions above and how our consciousness (non-matter) were created, in fact, these asking is unanswerable.

Why could we think about it? The reason is because we exist (in truth, as non-matter) thinking it. We should remember Descartes’ statement “Codito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)”. It’s a waste to ask who creates the consciousness. I would venture to say that even the consciousness, which is thinking about its consciousness, is creator of its own consciousness and the universe.

Incidentally, there’re people who believe we could develop artificial intelligence instead of the human in future like ‘Skynet’ and ‘HAL’ of the SF movies. Thus you might think a creator of the human must exist. However, the alien Ummite never has been able to create such artificial intelligence (consciousness) despite tried it, because it’s a mere illusion that the consciousness creates. It means that it’s impossible the illusion created by the consciousness creates any its creator (consciousness).   

For the people who couldn’t be convinced by my explanation above and still believe in God as the creator of the human, let me try the mental experiment as follows:

Assume that I don’t believe in God (actually I don’t believe in God) and the rest of the human believes in God. If I would completely disappear (including my existence in ‘Life after death’) right now, God of the human could exist. On the contrary, if every human except me literally would disappear, God couldn’t exist because I don’t believe in God.

The universe began 100 thousand years ago, according to Ummite – it’s totally different from the human’s universe model that the universe began 14.5 billion years ago with the Big Bang. However, birth time of the universe is not important fact so that every specie of organism with intelligence can have own histories (read below). Needless to say, such histories are just illusion also.
Why is the speed of light constant and upper limit?

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