Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our soul never extinct even if we die

I posted ‘My view of life and death’ in the last year and I argued our ‘Life on Earth’ is just a location where our soul experience lives as an organism. Besides our soul never extinct even if we die. Recently I found more examples to confirm these arguments, thus let me cite it below.

Do you have any idea why many organ transplant recipients could change their personality and tastes like its donors after transplants (watch the video below)? The reason is because their souls remain even though their death, which means the donor’s souls continue to be in the recipients as ‘parasitic soul’.

Inherited Memory in Organ Transplant Recipients

Another example would be criminal cases. Sharon Neill is famous blind psychic investigator who was involved in the investigation of the murder of Marie Payne. Read below.
Hello, is anybody there?

Watch the video below for another case (attached on July 21, 2015 and June 20, 2016).

The medium Chico Xavier died in 2002 is very popular and famous in Brazil. He could have same ability such as Sharon Neill (watch the video below). I posted the article about Chico Xavier in Portuguese ‘Psicografadas de Chico Xavier são fraudes’ in 2010, which described his ability was a fraud. However, of course, I changed my mind later.

Chico Xavier


About ‘near-death experience’, what impresses me is Dr. Eden Alexander case. Read and watch the video below (added on June 02, 2014).
Dr. Eden Alexander

Anyway, every psychics and mediums, except its swindlers who use magic tricks, could have same ability to contact with deceased person’s souls (consciousness) through telepathy.

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