Friday, May 9, 2014

Iiyama sells his lactobacillus for STAP cell generation

Finally, Obokata, the author of the alleged STAP cell fraud paper, unfortunately, is likely guilty (read below). However, this episode isn't over yet for someone and me.
The Latest on the STAP controversy

I presented Iiyama in the post below last month. Iiyama argued on May 9, there’re five crucial questions on his blog about this scandal as follows:
Iiyama argues the low PH acid-bath is his lactobacillus

1. Why is RIKEN putting an end of the STAP cell paper scandal hiding all facts, despite own RIKEN decided to publish the STAP cell papers in Nature and to have its patent application.

2. I have a suspicion that Hitoshi Niwa (Project leader at RIKEN) and Yoshiki Sasai (Director of a group at RIKEN) might make the STAP cell practically.

3. (Therefore) I’m suspecting that let Obokata made only the repeating experiments understanding almost nothing.

4. What is ‘acid liquid like orange juice’ that Obokata mentioned about the low PH acid-bath? This fact still is not being disclosed and not being pursued.

5. There’s a relationship between Ohta at Kumamoto University, who made the ‘Multipotent cell’ with Iiyama’s lactobacillus and Hitoshi Niwa (Project reader at RIKEN and Kumamoto University grad). Ohta said, “I went to RIKEN and explained all things!” to a researching company.

Iiyama argued that only you need to soak cells of the dermis from mice in his lactobacillus bath, then it must change (to the STAP cells) dramatically. Furthermore, he announced sales of his lactobacillus for generating ‘Multipotent cell’ in the post above through his online shop below.
Lactobacillus liquid selling shop (in Japanese: use online translator)

I have no intention to promote the lactobacillus selling and to deceive you. This information is exactly for my strong curiosity whether the lactobacillus could affect to the cells or not. Of course, I hope the STAP cell realization as the divulgation in the post (read below).
Originator of the STAP cell is Charles Vacanti – Ummite exposed the ‘swindle’ STAP cell paper  

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