Saturday, May 17, 2014

About my lactobacillus plantarum experiment

I believe Obokata, the author of the STAP cell controversial papers, is really a puppet of RIKEN and Vacanti. She must have generated the STAP cell only under instructions of her babysitters (superiors) as Iiyama mentioned it (read below). In addition, this alleged Korean origin shameless Japanese researcher is preparing a lawsuit against RIKEN that ordinary Japanese wouldn’t try it because of shame. Read below.     
Iiyama sells his lactobacillus for STAP cell generation

RIKEN Report Is Virtual Acid Bath of Criticism for Obokata: What’s Next?

However, this fact no longer important for STAP cell (Multipotent cell) generation. After I had posted the article above, I decided to make brown rice-based lactobacillus plantarum with the help of some blog articles in Japanese. It was easy than I thought if you could prepare appropriate materials. Fortunately, its materials are relatively easily obtainable. Therefore, I got a liquid like orange or lemon juice.

I’m recognizing that who provoked the STAP cell papers scandal is the alien Ummite. This event is a research for the human by Ummite. I’ve been suspecting Iiyama would be a contactee of Ummite – I‘ve asked him regarding it on Skype but he denied – and his lactobacillus plantarum knowledge maybe came from Ummite as well as the MHD and the plasma technologies (read below).
The U.S. stole technology of Ummite

After that, I have to find an experimental method for checking whether my lactobacillus liquid indeed works or not because I have no laboratory and experience for stem cells research.

When Obokata’s STAP cell became highlight on Japanese newspapers, I found some jokes about the STAP cell on internet forums, for example, an application as a hair regrowth treatment. So I thought it’s a good idea to prove my lactobacillus effect anyway despite there’s no scientific evidence – an article says that such lactobacillus cannot affect epidermis.

In any case, I began to apply my brown rice-based lactobacillus liquid on a bald on my top of head (I am 65 years old). I would have an ability to provoke ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ phenomenon through telepathy (read below) with my determination, because I’m a new human. If my hair loss would fully recover after such lactobacillus treatment, it could change to the truth for all human.
Why dose ‘STAP’ cell not happen, when we eat lemon?

Furthermore, I wear presbyopic glasses of +2.5DS and I have fixed cavities but its tooth recently broke. Of cause, I decided to use my lactobacillus liquid for its treatment along with eating it as health food.    

By the way, you would have realized the link button to order the lactobacillus liquid, if you tried to order it on the online shop of Iiyama. Why does he stop its selling? Intention of Iiyama, namely, Ummite would accept such my experiment and would be expecting good news from me without selling his lactobacillus. His lactobacillus (Iiyama argue his lactobacillus is Artemisia-based) effect could secure in that way.

Well, right now, I’m feeling my hair loss on the bald of head is obviously recovering since 25 days ago, the beginning to apply my lactobacillus liquid. 

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