Friday, March 14, 2014

To change ‘swindle’ STAP cell to real cell

The discovery of the STAP (Stimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency) cell changed to a big scandal on internet forum communities and on mass media since posting the latest post (read below).

Why does ‘STAP’ cell not happen when we eat lemon?

Now I have a strong suspicion that this STAP cell scandal must be prepared due to be trying to trap me and, to humble and make fun of this blog for damaging its credibility, because I argue about the human evolution event of ‘pseudoscience’ with Ummite-based information in my blog. So there’s someone who doesn’t like it would attempt to kill me.

Bull shit Japanese ‘quality newspaper’, The Asahi Shimbum (in fact, Korean controlled by ‘They’ dominate this anti-Japan newspaper) has published the article below about the scandal. Read the ‘Related Articles’ on this page also.

Riken admits to problem images, but stops short of withdrawing controversial articles

Haruko Obokata

However, I need to explain here that our science and technologies are illusions that our crowded consciousness creates, but not about worthless scandal episodes. Thus our science is not so credible and accurate as you’re imaging (read below). In fact, every event, which occurs in the world (universe), becomes truth in the instant that we recognize it.

Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physics an unreality

Why is the speed of light constant and the upper limit?

This STAP cell scandal might be a hoax because why did ‘one of most respected scientific journals’, Nature, accept and publish such problematic STAP cell paper? Despite Nature rejected it at least once commenting that Obokata was taunting the history of cell biology.

However, Nature finally accepted resubmitted her paper although it was problematic. Is Nature’s evaluation capability so much lower levels? Or is there some intention behind the scandal?

Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells

Even though such scandal episodes has occurred, I’ m sure that STAP cell is one of the most important human discoveries ever. Therefore we have to believe in the STAP cell as real cell. So the STAP cell will change to reality.

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