Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why does ‘STAP’ cell not happen, when we eat a lemon?

Recently Japanese scientists revealed that they had created ‘STAP’ cell, which could use like current stem cells, might be much more useful than the current stem cell. So I found the following paragraph in the article below. I think this is a good question. However, in fact, it’s not so important.

“…… but the really intriguing thing to discover will be the mechanism underlying how a low pH [acidic] shock triggers reprogramming. And why does it not happen when we eat lemon or vinegar or drink cola?"
Stem cell breakthrough: Japanese scientists discover way to create 'embryonic-like' cells without the ethical dilemma

In several recent posts of this blog, I’ve criticized and explained about ‘The standard cosmological model’, the Einstein theory of relativity and the speed of light. Other this kind of issues could be, for example, on a flying mechanism of airplanes, why can only Bernoulli’s principle not explain it? That means, why does it need additional theories or principles to explain? Or why does the placebo effect occur? Read below.
Is it possible to live 1000 years?

This answer is that true reason of the flying mechanism of airplanes doesn’t depend on such theories. It depends on recognition by ‘crowded consciousness’ of the human. Moreover, as well as the arguments in the recent posts cited above, real reason about ‘why does STAP cell not happen when we eat lemon’ is due to it’s an illusion that such crowded consciousness creates.

Even though Obokata submitted her paper to Nature, the authoritative science journal, it was rejected and, she received an e-mail from a scientist who reviewed the paper, saying that she was taunting the history of cell biology. Thus Obokata was frustrated at the time.

However, according to Sankei Shimbun (Japanese newspaper), she collected and reanalyzed much more data with the conviction that STAP cell is even a useful biotechnology for the human, and finally resubmitted paper was accepted. She said “Although I thought let me stop the experiment many times before but I forced myself to continue it one day more at the time. So I’ve come here with such way.”   

Obokata’s persistent spirit and strong conviction convinced skeptical scientists in the end, and got them recognize her uncommon experiments (read ‘Is it possible to live 1000 years?’. In that way, ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ phenomenon occurred (read ‘Why is the speed of light constant and upper limit?’) and, STAP cell became reality. Obviously, ordinary people like us would recognize it following behind such scientists.

Right now, I have to say that there’s no confusion on this case. You shouldn’t understand that anybody could accomplish the same breakthrough as long as having strong conviction and will. You should need the expertise to convince science specialists and, without doubt, you should need big efforts.

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