Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why is the speed of light constant and the upper limit?

I argued the theories of Einstein are incorrect in the last post. This time, let me explain why the speed of light is constant and the upper limit. 

Firstly, let us understand the history of measuring the speed of light. In 1983, according to the following article, the speed of light in vacuum was defined as 300 thousand km/sec (299,792,458 m/sec) and it was measured by using microwave or laser (read bellow).
Speed of light

Well, I’ve already explained that all things in the universe are made of the crowded consciousness of all organisms with intelligence many times in this blog, and photon is just temporary state of the ‘Superball’. Also the ‘Suparball’ is, in short, ‘Pixel (the smallest element in a digital image)’ of a computer monitor, and it doesn’t move (read bellow).
'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball'

For example, on measuring of the speed of light with a laser, the article (read bellow) argues the round trip time that the projected laser backs after reflecting by a mirror is detected. However, such light (photon) of the laser doesn’t move. Normally Superball changes to photon only one time in the circle. Thus spin speed of the Superball should changes along with the measuring distance, if you could see same photon (Superball) accidentally – but it’s practically impossible. Or rather, you must see the other photon.
Laser Speed of Light Apparatus

Then why is measuring result always same? The Superball is just a creature of the consciousness too. Therefore ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ (read bellow) phenomenon occurs. This means, the speed of light was established in the instant that the human recognized it, which was 300 thousand km/sec and, it doesn’t depend on the mechanism of Superball (the Superball theory is merely a model to explain). All things are established when the crowded consciousness of the organism with intelligence (the human) recognizes it.
Schrödinger’s cat

Eventually, it doesn’t matter how fast the speed of light is moving, as long as every human recognizes it’s correct. For example, it’s possible to define the speed of light is zero or infinity for an organism with intelligence on some planet except Earth, because such light is merely illusion that the crowded consciousness creates.

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