Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Practice 'Sungazing' to acquire telepathy ability

I had practiced 'Sungazing' for over three years (see below) and stopped it because I concluded it had actually no effects that I wanted. However, recently I’ve realized (maybe via telepathy) that it gave me another effect – the telepathy ability. By the way, Sungazing of Manek is fraud (watch the video below).
Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?

Even though there was no desired effect such as live without food and strengthening the immune system for me, instead, 'Sungazing' gave me the telepathy ability. I mean you can have this ability activating the pineal gland of the brain by sunlight. Furthermore, there is even possibility of being the new human with this effect.

Obviously, I didn’t have this information when practiced 'Sungazing'. Did I overlook it? After that, I looked for related information on the Internet and found it without difficulty. However I realized that the source of information seems to come from NASA, the Freemasons and etc., namely, from 'They' (read below).
Pineal gland

NASA Confirms Super-Human Abilities

The Pineal Gland: Crystal Transducer

So I thought this information was strange. Is this a disinformation of ‘They’? Finally I’m convinced that this is true. Probably, it could be for 'they' become the new human. I mean, it maybe a propaganda that 'they' already know a way to be the new human – 'They' have shit habit to give people (‘Goyim’) previous notices of the events provoked by 'They' in movies, on the Internet, in magazine articles and etc.

Well, I need to tell something very important right now. I have no intention to recommend 'Sungazing' to anyone. If in case you would practice 'Sungazing' after reading this post, injuries (in your eyes) could occur or it could occurs that you cannot get the telepathy ability. You have to contemplate before deciding it. I will not take any responsibility for your own actions.

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