Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -2

Well, when the war occurred against China and North-South Korea, Japan's defense must be very fragile even if had superior weapons comparing enemies if the U.S. withdrew their armies in Japan and support for Japan. I believe that the U.S. wants exactly this situation. In this case, Japan would be a bait to hook China and to provoke a great war.

I often heard it said that Japan's economy grew miraculously after World War II, although the field of Japan totally devastated because the country has invested more in the economy, avoiding spending its budget for the military. But this argument should be mere legend. Why is it a legend?

Currency and credit in the economy, economic theories, global market, the stock market, bond market and etc. are invented by 'They' to the swindlers ('They') earned in the casinos (the world economy). Obviously, the biggest social problem is interest, which Ashkenazi Jews ('They') invented.

The growth of the economy does not depend on the economic theories. It depends only on volumes of injected capitals and technologies. Recessions occur when 'They' pull the capitals out of countries. The current economy is a crime and a gamble for the population ('Goyim') and, a great deal for Ashkenazi Jews ('They'). I'm sure that we can build a world without such a shitty economy. In this case, inequality could be minimal.

Returning to the subject before, Then why do Ashkenazi Jews ('They') insist to massacre Japanese with nuclear weapons and disaster? Fast of all, Japanese is considered a descendant of Sephardic Jews (original Jews). Read below. In fact, some articles say the letter (sound) of the Japanese national anthem can be read in Hebrew. See the drawing and read the article of 'Kimigayo' in '2012 Roots of the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial House of Japan’ below
Sephardi Jews

Ten Lost Tribes

2012 Roots of the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial House of Japan

Actually, there’re many consistent ancient cultural evidence between Japan and Israel (read '2012 Roots of the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial House of Japan' above). I am pure Japanese. Look at my face in the right photo of my blog. I may be a descendant of Sephardic Jew. Anyway, I’ll present the video below – an old and very popular Japanese song – as one of the proofs.

For Ashkenazi Jews (non-original white Jews), Japanese (yellow race descended from the original Jews) is a thorn in the side of their NWO (New World Order) realization. The yellow Jewish is inadmissible for racist Ashkenazi Jews.

There is a very interesting book written in Japanese. This book was published in 1988 and the name of the book is 'After 1999 – Drawing the horror’s future that only Hitler saw'. I presented this book in the post, 'Verification of “Prophets of Hitler”' in Japanese in 2009. This book says that Hitler left prophets before his death.
Prophets of Hitler (in Japanese)

Verification of 'Prophets of Hitler' (in Japanese)

After 1999 – Drawing the horror’s future that only Hitler saw

For example, some of them were on the occurrence of major climate change and on achieving the world dominated by Israel. I’ll not go into detail of the prophets here, but I guarantee that most its prophets already realized. If these were true prophets, how could Hitler get this information?

I've tried to solve its riddle in the post below in 2011. Hitler is known as an occultist. The World War II was swindle war by ‘They’, so his ‘prophets’ could realize without the occult. However, it’s not enough to explain everything, which happened. I believe Hitler maybe had telepathy ability to obtain some information from ‘That world’.
We must reject alien interventions

                 The Occult History of the Third Reich – Adolf Hitler

Furthermore, recently I found an interesting article. Even though I couldn’t believe the whole history is written in ‘Aryan UFOs and Antarctic Bases’ (read below) – maybe it’s with some disinformation, I believe really Hitler had contact with Alien Grey. Additionally, the film ‘Iron Sky’ must be a film for mind control by Hollywood.
Aryan UFOs and Antarctic Bases

Iron Sky

A more interesting prophet is "The East would be a location for huge experiment" and after this experiment, "there will be the emergence of the new human." The book suggests that 'the location for huge experiment' may be Japan. So the experiment might be the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, which was caused by the U.S., namely, by 'They'. Is this my delirium?

The fatal disaster for the human in '2012' that ‘They' have spread it worldwide through the film and the internet did not happen. However, threats of major wars are increasing gradually, especially in the Middle East and the Far East. Unfortunately, the human cannot avoid World War III because it's already had been programmed in the human evolution event.

This is the Real World

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