Friday, September 27, 2013

IPCC continues to insist on the utter bilge

The IPCC has revealed new IPCC Assessment Report, continuing to insist on the global warming with increasing CO2 emissions, even though there’s an evidence of 15 years warming pause (read below). In fact, I cannot feel that we are in the global warming right now. High mountains of the southern part of here South America including Brazil have still fresh snow although spring came. It’s uncommon.
Access: The “leaked” IPCC AR% draft Summary for Policymakers

95 per cent of intelligent people know the new IPCC report is utter drivel

See the drawings of the NSIDC (National Snow & Ice Data Center).

Attention: the IPCC has divulged the new report as mentioned above. The following articles should be prepared for this report due to disinformation, namely, to deceive or confuse people (added on September 27, 2013)
Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2013

Media Advisory: Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2013

Following drawing is a comparison of the ice-covered area of the Arctic Ocean between 2012 and 2013.
Sea Ice Index (Arctic/Antarctic)

Following drawing shows record sea ice extension of the Antarctic in 2013.

The IPCC report has two lies. One is global warming and the other one is that it blames fabricated CO2 emissions as a cause of the global warming. However, what’s happening right now is the global cooling.

I could agree with occurrences of regional ‘global warming’, for example, if they would be caused by climate weapon HAARP (watch the video below). Even so, they have nothing to do with fabricated CO2. Then, why does the global cooling occur? A decrease of the Sun’s activity is occurring. Read below.

                             Climatic Weapon HAARP Part 1

Locations of HAARP in the world
Spectacular NASA Images Illustrate Sun as a Driver of Global Warming and Climate Change Foretells Global Cooling Says Friends of Science

Swindle previous Assessment Report of the IPCC in 2007 won the Novel Peace Prize with a swindler Al Gore. Therefore, they likely to have to cover up its fact anyway – of course, so that someone earns big money through the fabricated CO2 emissions trading too.

The most important its reason must be that ‘They’ want to hide the coming global cooling such as the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ showed it. Read below.
Time has come for the evolution

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