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What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

In the latest three posts, I’ve mentioned about ‘conflicts of consciousness’ with my understanding (read below). However there was arguing with a different interpreter of Ummite through telepathy. It’s really different of our common idea or, would be an opposite idea on progress and evolution. Let me try to explain it below.
No ‘good or evil’ in the evolution event

If an OWI (‘organism with intelligence’) would evolve, we could realize harmony, peace and stability in our society, eliminating egoism and violence with fraternity and respect, such as human progress and civilizations could result (but it was just outlook). I bereave that everyone think so including me. However, according to Ummite, the evolution of OWI doesn’t result such ideal situation. It seems to back to barbarous ages.

Every evolution of OWI occurs through ‘conflicts of consciousness’ absolutely, which means it doesn’t occur with harmony, respect, reconciliation and so on according bullshit Ummite who provokes a lot of confusions and anger. It might be even a fighting.

Perhaps Ummite would try a ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against me. Even though I’m really fucked up and become very angry, I can understand the reason of such persisting ‘attack’ of a person with Asperger syndrome (read below), namely, of Ummite. If there would have direct contact with Ummite, my anger might be uncontrollable. So this problem would be one of the reasons to avoid direct contact of Ummite.          
Asperger syndrome

Then ‘conflicts of consciousness’ begin as a controversy and it results escalated conflict with force and violence and, eventually, it should end with extinction (death) of one of adversaries on the fight. It would be a war as the final option. However, murder would be the worst sin and the greatest evil for the human.    

Without doubt, I couldn’t promote murders, but our progressive and civilized cultural values define that the murder is an absolute evil is not correct. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ said “Thou shall not kill”. However, despite a person would be pious Christians, it’s not important whether a catholic rhetoric or not, an absolute obey of this Jesus’ word might be difficult. Still, there would be a person who obeys it and if his argument would be, for example, because of my unique life and, a life will never return or, it’s irreplaceable, it would be misunderstand.

What religions need is chaos. Why people need religions? Because the almost people have anxiety of their life, health problem and so on or, have afraid of dying without knowing what happens after death. There’s no more reasonable explain for me. Regions’ swindle fool such people and imprint such argument above. However our body is just an elusive ‘container’ for soul or consciousness that the consciousness creates. So even though people die (extinct of the ‘container’), the soul doesn’t disappear (read below).
We are not made of matter

How did Ummite discover ‘That world’ and ‘Net work of the soul’?

Incidentally, the death penalty opponents argue that no one condemn it – despite cruel homicidal maniac could repeater homicides – because there’s a false accusation possibility. But it’s mere religion fundamentalism and a switching argument. It means that this problem is not the death penalty, it’s only technical mistake of justice.

The world is filled with egoists, liars, cunning, provokers and shameless people, it maybe countries or maybe individuals. As a Japanese citizen, these are china and Koreas – there would have big war between the countries (read below). When I was angered by Ummite, I’ve compared his comportment with Chinese’s and Korean’s egoism and provocations.
Sins of big war in the Far East -2

However, such egoism and so on would not be an evil too as well as the murder case above. Because this inclination must be one of conditions to survive in ‘conflicts of consciousness’. But obviously it could provoke much more conflicts with other persons for reducing its chance to survive also.

Moreover, even though ‘They’ would use information based on lies and if ‘they’ could obtain to imprint (mind control) with such information, it could change to the truth because our world is made of ‘crowded consciousness. Then, if you would be easy ‘Ascension’ geek, this argument of Ummite might be amazing hit for you. It should be wrong way for ‘Ascension’ geek.

In the latest post, I argued that there’s no ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event. Above explain is its reason that the valuation of ‘They’ by ‘good or evil’ is insignificant. In addition, I can say same thing on ethics and moral. In human history, the human would understand that ethics and moral are good absolutely. This means that chance to survive with them might be bigger than survival with egoism and etc. I value more ethics and moral, but finally, nobody knows which one would remain on the evolution process.

I have telepathy ability and articles writing skills as Ummite wants, but why Ummite chose me despite I maybe a person skeptic, cold and short temper, not so generosity, avoiding to choose more respectable persons such as Jesus Christ and Buddha who value love, generosity, tolerance, illumination, wisdom and so on? Conclusively, I’ve known this reason with above explain.

Well readers, can you agree above argument of Ummite? Obviously don’t? No problem. If you could swim over in ‘conflicts of consciousness’ see, your intention could change to the truth. For overall OWI who lives in the universe has same chance. Our world and universe depend on overall ‘crowded consciousness. The future doesn’t depend on Gog, which doesn’t exist. Literally nobody knows the future. 

Using this opportunity let me reveal my arguments even if I would face your criticism. I believe we should agree that some part of the NWO constipation of ‘They’ controlled by ‘That world’ has rationality, even though I’m against slaving people by ‘They’ and any ruler’s egoism. Population control and so-call eugenic are necessary to avoid social chaos. 

Current fraudulent democracy together with money economy must be discarded and, individual liberty and Human rights should be limited rigorously. Moreover governments and languages of the world should be uninfected. Religions would be unnecessary if peoples would understand of the human evolution mining and, it should be ban with considering it could be tools to rule and deceive peoples. ‘They’ and criminalists who know best the inexistence of God because if God would exist, they couldn’t practice things that God bans.

About my argument below in the post ‘What dose "untold universe" mean?’, there was next controvert of Ummite via telepathy  Advanced technologies and arms of Ummite are illusions as well as matter, science & technology, mathematic and so on of the human. Therefore, Ummite doesn’t have such advantage for ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against the human. Will the human have ability to counterattack?

I don’t think the evolution could be achieved by that the superior someone dominates others with his technology power.  I feel obviously an arrogance of Ummite in the position of superiority.

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