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No ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event

First of all, I have to correct next argue. I’ve argued the universe described in the theory of Ummite, as if it’s a ‘real universe’. However, in fact, I would have to mention ‘nobody knows the real universe’ instead of the first phrase.

Because neither somebody knows nor Ummite knows the real universe as if I’ve argued ‘nobody knows future universe – the evolved universe’ (read latest posts).

Such manipulation or imprinting by Ummite is performed to take more advantage of ‘conflicts of consciousness’ (read latest posts) against the human, using the human evolution event and through the posts of my blog.

So I considered this issue included removing or editing the articles of the relational posts and, finally I’ve decided to neither remove it from this blog nor edit, only adding this annotation.

This time, let me present argues of Akio Aska, one of popular Japanese anime (manga) and books writer, but he is not a scientist and he doesn’t work as a cosmologist. He is just an amateur. However, he writes books, holds lectures and publishes videos regarding cosmology. I believe he is like me, namely, he might have telepathic ability and might have a contact with an alien, would have contact with Ummite.

Well readers, his argues are really impressive. Now I reveal his some assertion here. He shows own theory so-call ‘Gaia hypothesis of Akio Aska’ to his followers. Read below as a reference for understanding ‘Gaia hypothesis’.
Gaia hypothesis    

AskaAkioWorld (in Japanese)

However, Aska’s assertions are broader, for example, he is not only a follower of Plasma cosmology (read below) and ‘the Sun with solid crust theory’ (read below) but also his theory that the Sun and the Erath, i.e., Astronomical object are super-organisms.

The Surface Of The Sun

The Sun has solid crust like Earth according to some Japanese articles – I have no idea on this theory whether Aska’s original or not. See the photo below by observation using radar as well as the Venus observing made by Magellan spacecraft (read below).
Magellan (spacecraft)

Maybe you know Saturn has strange hexagonal ‘cloud’ (see the photo below). According to Aska, this ‘cloud’ doesn’t form naturally – it’s impossible that a nature crates this perfect hexagonal ‘cloud’. It’s formed intentionally because Saturn is a ‘super-organism’.

Another example of Aska’s theories, he mentions that the Sun with solid crust has giant volcanic mountains and sunspots are exactly eruptions of these volcanic mountains. Moreover, the Sun and other planets of the Solar System are females and, Jupiter is mother of Earth and the Sun is mother of Jupiter, i.e., Earth is a grandchild of the Sun. watch the video below. Huge black sphere with penis so-called ‘Raja Sun’ is having sex with the Sun (1:30), according to Aska.

He also says that size of Earth in the age of the dinosaurs was smaller than the current size. Scientists don’t know that the dinosaurs would not have been able to sustain its weight if Earth had been same size at present. And right now, Earth grown-up is in a pregnancy. So earthquakes, big sinkholes and strange sounds in sky occur on Earth and, true polar wander too. Read below. This means that Earth is suffering labor pain.  
13 of the Biggest, Strangest, and Most Devastating Sinkholes on Earth

Strange sounds in sky explained by scientists

Earth is undergoing true polar wander, scientists say

Aska says the Solar System has other planet like Earth so-called ‘Yahawe’, but this planet is invisible because it’s behind the Sun due to its orbit – however this must be one of Aska’s disinformation. So Ummite denies this planet. There’s more his amazing information like that.

Well, I can believe that Aska’s assertions are possible to happen in reality after posting last posts (read below). Actually, it made of the crowded consciousness of OWI (‘organism with intelligence’) without forms. Then incredible everything could occur in the universe. Even imaginations and delirious in your consciousness could change reality and, finally, Ummite affirms the fact above through telepathy.
Is it possible to live 1000 years?

By the way, Nikola Tesla is considered one of great scientists in Human History, although he is not so famous like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. However his realized works are much more important than the works of Edison and Einstein – the theories of Einstein were incorrect (read below), so it isn’t important and, it’s a deception-propaganda of scientist communities.
‘God particle’ is just a state of ‘Superball’

Tesla criticized the general theory of relativity of Einstein (read below) and he argued that he has had contact with an alien at that time. I believe that ideas of much advanced technology developed by Tesla might have gotten from the alien through telepathy. Read below.  
Nikola Tesla: First Contact With Alien Intelligence

In addition, a successor of Tesla, Eric Dollard – he recreated core works of Tesla and experiments that Tesla has realized ever, but most of them were lost. Dollard must have a contact with the alien also. Read below.
Tesla Round 2, The Mission of Eric Dollar

Aska’s disinformation activity is for Ummite. Then do you think I would consider that he is an evil for me (read below)? No, I don’t think so. In the ‘human evolution event’, even ‘They’ and their NWO conspiracy could not consider commonsense evils. ‘They’ and their conspiracies are absolutely necessary.
Alien Ummite is invader

Every individual, including aliens such as Ummite who is intervening in the human and, other aliens who are observing the event, is not pointed out ‘good or evil’ because nobody – not only the human, but also all OWI who live in the universe – has our commonsense its answer ‘good or evil’. 

Our event is a relational issue for such all OWI, namely, for whole universes. That means the universe can evolve through only ‘conflicts of consciousness’.

Aska argue that there’s ghost NASA, which kidnaps official missions of the NASA and, this ghost order to cover up and manipulate true photos, observed data, information of the universe and so on as well as I already argued it too. So information on the universe that aliens such as Ummite argue, should be more accurate than the current universe model that the human believe in it – read the initial ‘annotation’ of this post. Literally, nobody know true universe.

Even though the facts would cover up by the NASA, and ‘They’, the current standard cosmological model has too paradoxes that an amateur like me could realize it easier. Despite spend big budget for researching, observatory constructions, space satellite/probes and the LHC, it seems scientists couldn’t detect the truth.

We have to give such incompetent and idiot scientist four letter words, giving instead of admiration, expectation and respect words and, scientist who fabric particles, don’t exist such as ‘God particle’ namely, Higgs boson, could be in a jail instead of research institutes or universities.

Bullshit Nobel Prize, which lends credibility and authority to such scientist who could deceive people so-called goyim or sheeple, must be extinct. The most dangerous junk ever built, the LHC with capability, which could provoke big human tragedy should be destroyed immediately.

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