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Is it possible to live 1000 years?

By the post, ‘We are not made of matter’ and by other posts, I explained that we and the world (the universe) aren’t made of so-cold matter and, these are made of crowded consciousness of the human (‘organism with intelligence’).

We have to face aging since first moment of births on ‘Life on Earth’ and our life span is limited. Moreover, before dyeing such natural death, maybe people die easier due to accidents or illnesses, and would have to go back to That world.

Then the human deepened immortally research since ancient times and medicine, foods and supplements to be a ‘Superman’, and eventually, Aubrey de Grey argues the human could live 1000 years (read below). Is it true?
Aubrey de Grey

About this issue, according to my understand after revealing the posts cited above, it’s logically possible that people could change to ‘Superman’ who lives 1000 years with his strong intention and/or determination. Because we and the world made of consciousness or crowded consciousness, namely, it would be like a ‘Virtual Reality’.

Maybe there are many persons who realize their dreams by good fortune, whether or not they have a capability, by having such as ‘positive intention’, ‘can-do spirit’ or something like that.

However, the realization ‘superman’ who has ability to catch bullet, to fly higher than bullet and to stop a locomotive would be much difficult, because other person’s consciousness, which have others worlds (universes) must recognize it such as I explained about this function mentioned in the article of ‘What does “untold universe” mean?’. It means it’s possible just for private behavior.

By the way, the placebo effect mentioned article below might be a mild example. And Homeopathy might be other example. So it’s possible to delay aging and to extend the life span and, to realize natural cure without doctors and drags help. 
10 Crazy Facts About the Placebo Effect (O texto original em inglês)


And right now, swindle Ummite insinuates that still would be possible to live without foods (read ‘Indian lives without foods and water for over 70 years, is it true?’) via telepathy. I posted the article above denying this phenomenon as a fraud. Even though I’ve understood Ummite agrees with me too.

Then why Ummite did me dirty? I suppose that Ummite would research the human and my (psychological) reactions with this manipulation (lie). Ummite must always research our psychological behaviors such as I’ve already argued it.

Furthermore, I can answer next question – Is it possible to create a human (‘organism with intelligence’) consciousness like ‘Skynet’ of the film, ‘The Terminator’ or ‘Hal’ of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’? My conclusion is it’s impossible.

Who creates such consciousness is the human consciousness too. Ummite argues that he cannot create a soul despite he can create a perfect human body in the book, ‘The letters from the alien Ummite’. The reason that the human cannot create the human consciousness is exactly there.

At the same time, I can say that scientists cannot create cloned pets with same soul (personality). Even though pet’s appearance is the same, his soul, which come from own specie of That world is different.

In the same book, Ummite says that Jesus Christ was a precocious new human who appeared at the time. So he would have abilities to change his appearance and to perform ‘miracles’ because it’s possible due to be ‘Virtual Reality’. Read below.
Shape-Shifting Jesus Described in Ancient Egyptian Text

Other example of ‘Virtual Reality’ might be Mirin Dajo. He was not illusionist. In his performance, there’s no trick. He might be new human who has typical characteristic like Jesus Christ. Watch the video below.
Mirin Dajo

                                                            Mirin Dajo                                    

Everything so-cold paranormal – despite the almost would be frauds or misunderstands – finally, whatever these phenomenon can occur. Even though huge history difference of the universe between the human and Ummite exists – the universe began 13.3 to 13.9 billon years ago for the human, but only 100 thousand years ago for Ummite, and there’s history difference and/or science between the human and other OWI (‘organism with intelligence’), there’s no problem nor contradiction. Because image that OWI’s consciousness or crowded consciousness creates change to ‘reality’.

Well then, persons who have strong intention, determination and conviction, but with barbarian egoism could change the world what they want? My answer is no, because there would have ‘conflicts of consciousness’. Such persons could not change other persons’ universes by deceives, violence and forces. Read below.
What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

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