Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

Even though I already revealed regarding true structure of the universe in the post, ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’, some unclear points such as ‘10 dimensions and twin' ‘untold universe’ mentioned in ‘Letters from the alien Ummite’ still remain.

Then what does the ‘untold universe’ mean? This time let me answer this question.  I argued who created the universe was crowded consciousness of whole ‘organism with intelligence’ (‘That world’ is its part) in the universe (read ‘God does not exist because we are God’. The overall crowded consciousness of whole ‘diversity specie groups’ created the universe, according to Ummite.

Despite its groups share same universe, their group’ That world created stories of the universe differently from each other such as the difference between the human and Ummite. According to human’s standard cosmology, the universe began with a phenomenon so-called Big Bang more than 13 billion years ago, but Ummite argues that it occurred just about 100 thousand years ago.

Anyway, firstly I need to change the figure of the twin universe in the post ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -8’ to the conceptual figure below for explaining the meaning above. According to this figure, the universe is constructed with diversity specie group’s universes, namely, crowded consciousness of OWI (‘organism with intelligence’) and with consciousness of individual OWI inside those group’s universes.  

On the other hand, we observe the universe using our sensory system, but in fact, it’s mere illusion (read ‘We are not made from matter’). Additionally civilizations, politics, economics, science, technology and so on are illusions also.

‘Human’s universe’ includes approximately 7 billon individual human’s universes and That world of the human and, overall other ‘Universes of other species’ includes individual OWI’s universes and That world too. This fact is exactly the reason of phrase ‘untold universe’.

Now your consciousness is one of such universes. Overall other universes except yours would be ‘Parallel Worlds’ or ‘Parallel Universes’ for you. Inside of these universes, for example, your universe history would be different form the other universes, or different events might be happened each other, and so on. So the ‘Parallel Worlds’ are not SF story. Read below.

If there would be a trillion of OWI in the ‘Universe’ of the figure, there should be a trillion of their own universes. However, these universes must dwindle. It’s an evolution process.

Let’s think about a private human life.  A strong intension of a person still alive could change his own universe, but he couldn’t change other person’s universes (‘Parallel Worlds’ for him). So someday, such different stories dwindle and finally, just one unique universe could remain due to gradually extinction (death) of the persons (consciousness) or, due to reduction of the individual universes (consciousness) as a result of its fusions, occur after ‘conflicts of consciousness between the persons.

This process applies equally to between different specie groups (‘Universes of other species’) such as between the human and Ummite, namely, just one unique specie with just one unique consciousness remains after extinctions of the specie groups or, the process would be occurred by fusions process of specie groups too, for example, Ummite desires it for his next evolution avoiding his extinction.

Well readers, the theory above of Ummite is suggesting very important issue for the human. It is that the human’s consciousness finally must be fused – whether you can accept it or not. Conceptions such as individual, ego and something like that, we respect it, must be extinct, of course, such as rights as human rights, liberty, fraternity and principles couldn’t survive.

After wrote up this post, the intention of Ummite became clearer for me. My conclusion is same as before. The intervention way of Ummite must be wrong, which means, it’s unfair that a superior specie group such as Ummite co-opts the human due to have higher advanced technology because he evolved earlier accidentally than the human.

In fact, despite Ummite gives me chance of the counterarguments like this opportunity, I always feel that Ummite continues control me and my internet access is restrained unnecessary. Ummite with ‘Totalitarianism in insect social’ (read ‘Alien Ummite is invader’) might not have experience the democracy of the human – even though it’s a swindle in fact – and respect for individual freedom without causing social conflict, in my idea.

I don’t think the evolution could be achieved by that the superior someone dominates others with his technology power.  I feel obviously an arrogance of Ummite in the position of superiority. This is exactly ‘conflicts of consciousness’ mentioned above between the human and Ummite.

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