Friday, November 16, 2012

Interstellar spaceship has to be ‘saucer’ type

I revealed the aspect of the true universe in the post ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’. There’re a lot of witnesses who allege that saw UFOs in the air around there.  But are its UFOs truth?

Firstly, the interstellar ship must travel for many light-years, thus it’s practically impossible to practice interstellar travels by conventional design giant spaceships such as some science fictions describe it. Aliens evolved who are able to travel to other stars should use the twin universe to reach, according to Ummite.

Therefore, the interstellar spaceship has to be ‘saucer’ type because of the materialize problem, which is mentioned in ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’.

The spaceship with electromagnetic system to generate strong magnetic field to go into another universe should spin. So the spaceship design must be a spinning top, i.e., of ‘saucer’. There’s no other type, for example, cigar shape UFOs as well as the giant spaceship showed in the post, ‘Is a giant spaceship on the moon?’.

Furthermore, the almost ‘non-saucer’ shape UFOs testimony must be wrong or must be objects of ‘Project Blue beam’.     

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