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'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball'

In last July, media in the world highlighted exaggeratedly the discovery of probable 'God particle' by CERN for understanding the origin of the universe. But does 'God particle', which means, Higgs boson really exist?
Higgs boson

In fact, the physical Lederman gave the Higgs boson a nickname ‘God Particle’ in his book because he thought it is crucial to understand the structure of matter. But many scientists don’t like it because they thought it’s exaggerated. Read ‘In mainstream’ of ‘Higgs boson’ for more information.

I'm sure that the Higgs boson has no relationship for knowing the origin of the universe, even if the scientists could prove that it’s true Higgs boson in future. The major media are just practicing mind control, as always.

First of all, ‘Standard Model’ of particle physics climes it has 61 elementary particles (fermions and bosons including the Higgs boson). However, actually such particles have never existed in the universe. It’s a mere illusion of the scientists. Even the atoms are illusion too because the universe, in fact, is created by the crowded consciousness of every organism with intelligence included the human without matter (particles).

Read ‘Why is thestandard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe’. The ‘Superball’ theory is a model (illusion), which is figured out for explaining ‘Twin universe with 10 dimensions’.

Well readers, now let me reveal 'Superball theory' – the theory of Ummite (alien) – instead of the Standard Model to understand the reason above.

We can understand everyday events in the perception since their births and with its common physical knowledge, without much difficulty if it happens in reality in four dimensions. However, we could not understand with such common sense if we try to understand smaller world than an atom.

This means that we have to understand some ‘Quantum mechanics (physics)’. So you may need to study their suitable articles, before reading my explanation below.

I obtained basic idea to understand this theory form ‘Superballs and Superstrings’ but I cannot understand its detail so that it seems to have many contradictions to explain the theory, so I’ll reveal my original idea instead of it.

According to my understanding of the Superball theory (although my understanding is very limited), the universe and all things are made of superballs and are filled with superballs. Thus the universe is not filled with the dark matter as the standard cosmological model alleges.

Superball literally can change to everything, i.e., it could change to photon, could be quantum and electron (particle states), and could change to the elementary particles above. Furthermore, it can also change to any electromagnetic radiation (wave state) such as micro-wave. Obviously it could change to the God particle, if it would exist.

Superball is a model of a ball – this is a source of a matter, antimatter, wave and photon – without thickness and substance. Everything including space in the universe is filled with superballs without gaps. Therefore movements and collisions of particles, such as CERN argues, never happen.

We understand that everything in the universe exist in Euclidean space with three dimensions (x, y, and z). However, true universe is formed by the three-dimensions (x, y and z) with matter (our universe), by three dimensions (nx, ny and nz) without matter (non-matter universe) and by three dimensions (ax, ay and az) with antimatter (another universe). See drawing below

Thus the sum of the true universe’s dimensions include the temporal dimension is 10 (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8') and there are three universes, not only twin universe as previous posts reveled. Incidentally, Superstring theory requires 9+1 dimensions without knowing the reason why our universe has no more than 3+1 dimensions (read below).
Why Dose Our Universe Have Three Dimensions?

Superball spins and the point of superball traces the sine wave (see drawing below) along with the rotary movement in the space of two dimensions (x and y). It means that a state of superball is constantly changing. When the point of superball is at the peak of sine wave, superball becomes a particle (matter) and, when it’s at bottom of sine wave, superball becomes an antiparticle (antimatter). If it intersects with axis x, superball is at the non-matter universe as light. While it’s in other positions of sine wave, superball becomes wave status (invisible). 

Visible movements of objects in our world and in the universe are similar to the mechanism of TV/computer monitors. Although images on the screen move, 'Pixel (the smallest element in a digital image)' positions, which means, superball positions in this case, never change.

Therefore the movements of the particles in the CERN’s LHC above are illusions. Scientists confuse a particle 'collided' (actually it’s not collision) was the same that they have launched and accelerated in the LHC tunnel. In fact, the scientists have just discovered another particle accidentally after collision illusory.

Then why do the scientists think there’s such collusion? The reason is because they mistake between particle (or proton) beam collisions – this ‘particle beam collision’ is only an illusion, which is created by the human’s crowded consciousness, which means that it’s like a mere image appeared on a computer monitor – for particle collisions merely despite it has never occurred.

With the above consideration, superball should be going and coming repeatedly between the three universes with 10 dimensions. If this idea is correct, now you could understand ‘Warp Drive’ mechanism described in 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8' because when a superball disappears in our universe, it automatically appears in another universe.

Moreover, we could understand why the ship (UFO) should rotate to generate the magnetic field due to turn every particle to just one direction (read 'UFO Technology Ummite -9'). Otherwise, superballs’ disunities could occur, i.e., the ship with crews would change to something different, which is made of mixed superballs between states of particles, antiparticles and waves when its materialization occurs. This would result in the disaster written in the post.

Probably you know about Philadelphia Experiment (read below). This experiment and disaster must be true, because the destroyer Eldridge might go into another universe of the twin universe and might come back here, of course, without the procedure to unify superballs’ rotation of the vessel to single direction.
Philadelphia Experiment

Physics say the light has dual behavior – particle and wave (read below). Now you could know this reason. When the state of the photon, i.e., the point of superball is at the peak of the sine wave, it behaves as a particle. And when it’s at the middle area of the sine wave, it behaves as a wave. According to the superball theory, the light (photon) belongs to the non-matter universe. So light has no mass.
The double-slit experiment

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