Sunday, November 11, 2012

About the disinformation of Ummite

I have already manifested that I refuse the intervention plan of Ummite in the human, in this blog.  My intention is no change due to the fact below.

Ummite disagreed about his disinformation described in the post, ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’ via telepathy.

I posted ‘Antimatter weapon is 10000 times of the atomic bomb power’ in 2010, but in fact, the antimatter bombs mentioned in this post were faked, because the antimatter for detonating the bombs cannot remain in our universe. Thus the bombs were not antimatter type. It might be plasma bombs. I pointed out this fact was disinformation of Ummite.

After that, Ummite argued that it was not his disinformation, but it was by the physicist Petit. So finally, I accepted this argument of Ummite. Read below.
The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to ‘They’

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