Friday, March 2, 2012

God does not exist because we are God

Recently, when I read a theory called ‘Biocentrism’, I came up with an idea, which might come via telepathy. It might be a proof of my argument, has already revealed in prior postings that God (and any god is recognized by the human) is a delusion in the sub-evolved brain of the current human.  

So I’ve emphasized that God does not exist because first of all, in fact, nobody has proved the existence of God so far scientifically (lead below). Then you might know Descartes’ statement: “Codito ergo sum (I think therefore I am)”. We can recognize oneself, others, animals, plants, the world and even the universe. God is also recognized by us.
Existence of God

Does God Exist? – The Question

Then other organisms with intelligence, for example, Alien Ummite could have similarity human’s God, if such God would really create the world and the universe. Well my readers, in fact, Ummite have the theory of ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’ (read below), which are like our God.
How Ummite discovered ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’?

However, I have already concluded that the ‘That world’ is not God. If all of us (the human) on the planet earth had extinguished, the image of God would have literally disappeared because there would have been nobody to recognize God.

But in this case, of course, we can ask next question: Did ‘That world’ create the human and our world? If its answer would be yes, then who created ‘That world’? It would be similar to the following question: Who created God?

In my point of view above, I can say that we (the human) created our world and God, which means God didn’t create the world and the human. Otherwise, there would be a paradox that God – just imagination in the human brain (soul) – would create something substantial like the human. Or I can even say that we would be God and creator of the world. Besides, I can point out that heaven and hell are just delusions also.

According to the theory of Ummite, the evolution of organism with intelligence in the entire universe makes universe evolution itself. I believe that you could understand the significance of this theory through the consideration above.

I mean, our recognition of the universe could change if we would observe the universe by the brain and by the consciousness, have already evolved after completed current ongoing evolution. That is to say that only the evolved human can recognize the new universe evolved.

Now about who create ‘That world’, I can say that crowded consciousness of the whole organism with intelligence – included ‘That world – in the universe even would be the universe itself. However, God is just recognized by the human’s consciousness, which occupies only tiny space in the enormous crowded consciousness.

Therefore if the human would extinguish, such God would become extinct perfectly as I’ve mentioned it above. However, you might not be so easy to understand this explanation.

Nevertheless, if you could contemplate that we (when we die, we become members of ‘Network of the soul’) are even the creators as I’ve argued it above, eventually you could understand it without contradiction. May be all material, including the human, scattered in the entire universe is composed of particles that the crowded consciousness made.

Then, we (the humans) have to evolve as one of crowded consciousness in the universe, which means, the reason for the human existence is own continuous evolution (read below).
What is the human evolution event?

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