Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is the human evolution event?

The reason for the human existence is uninterrupted own evolution, according to the theory of alien Ummite. Now we as the human are facing a big change, which has never occurred since current modern human emergence as an organism with intelligence on the planet Earth.

It means that the human evolution event is occurring. For understanding this actually complicated event, first, you must change your recognition regarding current revolution theory like Darwin’s theory – evolution by natural selection.

In fact, there is no natural selection evolution, which occurs on any planets in the universe. It occurs intentionally according to the theory of alien Ummite. All live organisms have own ‘That world’ with each its will. Therefore, will of (our) ‘That world’ controls us. The evolution doesn’t happen by chance, but it’s caused by the will of ‘That world’. For further information, read below.
Time has come for the evolution

How ‘Ice age’ occurs?

Normally, the evolution of organisms with intelligence like the human occurs on a planet domestically without someone’s intervention. However, our current human evolution is the different and complicated situation by a factor.

This factor would be completely human extinction so that our weapons of mass distraction have a capability, could realize it because we have to face World War III soon that nuclear weapons are widely used. We cannot escape the war anymore because it occurs by the intention of the will of ‘That world’. NWO conspiracy’s origin of ‘conspiracy theory’, which provokes it exactly, comes from the ‘That world’ for killing us. Almost human could not die a natural death in this period. All but new (evolved) human as a successor should be extinct.

You might think that the will of ‘That world’ could avoid such complete extinction if it would have human control. However, nobody knows future consequence even it controls us – I don’t consider the will of ‘That world’ is God, according to information of Ummite. It’s the reason why ‘They’ want to behave as a devil because ‘They’ know God does not exist – so there’s no God’s judgment (in fact, such devil also doesn’t exist). Read below for further information.
Who controls the human evolution?

The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion

In addition, any dead persons’ souls do not go to heaven or hell, but they should go to the ‘Network of the soul’ and become one with ‘That world’. Read below for further information.
How Ummite discovered ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’?

Then we have to face aliens’ interest, for example, alien Grey’s actions (read below). However, even though I am against Grey (read below), I believe aliens who came to observe the human evolution event on the planet Earth have a motive, which prevents such human extinction. Particularly alien Ummite has shown strong its intention because they have an imminent problem of own evolution, which means Ummite needs a partner like the human to complete it
Alien Grey’s actions

Warning to alien Grey

Ummite wants to intervene in the human if the human would meet critical phase – extinction risk. However, with my indirect contact experience by my personal computer and via telepathic ability, I’m sure such intervention does not work properly. The human might revolt against Ummite before long. Read below for more information.
Alien Ummite is invader

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