Friday, December 2, 2011

Why does the White House deny any contacts with aliens?

In the last post, I’ve shown the statement of the White House about the issue. The U. S. government is continuing to deny the fact of contacts with the aliens just saying bull shit.

Then people could ask: why the NASA and other authorities of governments in the world have to hide existence of aliens? I’ll try to answer this simple and fundamental question.
White House Denies Any Contact with Alien Life

A long time ago, there was an isolated island in an ocean. Inhabitants of the island still didn’t have any ancient civilization, lived in dispersed small villages. Ship crews of varies races and divers countries who were on passing ships nearby the island, sometimes visited some villages and brought a foreign civilization’s information. Some crews sometimes lived there.

If the crews had wanted to rule the inhabitants, they could have it very easier because there is big difference technology between both sides. But most crew didn’t try such barbarity, and their contacts with the inhabitants were limited.

Soon, religious and leadership appeard and its more powerful leaders created several and sophisticated way to govern. In the end, they invented government systems, having illusions that as if citizens could give opinions and could participate in politic decisions, using mind control for imprinting its fraud, sometimes provoking juggling conflicts and wars. So they ruled the inhabitants practically as slaves without suffering revolts.

While above event occurred, the ship crews only observed and mostly nobody tried to intervene because of their rule. However, it didn’t last long. So a crew appeared to claim that the rulers practiced the barbarism and immorality against human.

Obviously, the rulers of the island expulsed such crews who could threaten their paradise and if it’s possible, corrupted them and even exploited some collaborative crews. Therefore against the inhabitants, they denied existence of the crews and hid the fact, which was really inconvenient for them.

Well my readers, now, you have to replace the island with the planet Earth, and the crews with aliens for understanding. But it would be impossible that its same situation continue permanently. Finally big change has come to the planet Earth. It means that I’ve already revealed about the coming human evolution event in this blog.

However, there are still a lot of irrational people who don’t want to believe in aliens, unbelievably. The U.S. has launched the Mars Rover Curiosity recently (watch the video below). Provably its aim would be just natural resource exploration, but not for ‘finding evidence of life’ – should be a shit joke for mind control against such people.

Mars Rover Curiosity

There is an allegation that organisms with intelligence (aliens) don’t exists in the giant universe except the planet Earth. It's an absurd and nonsense idea. In fact, one of physicist/astronomer like a Hawking seems to admit existence of aliens (read below).
Are aliens predatory?

In addition, for example, there is argument of 'Mediocrity principle'. But the most important issue is that there is 'Fermi Paradox' or, aliens cannot get to the planet Earth because of the speed of light barrier.

But is this true? Recently a surprising result of scientific experiment was published. It has revealed that neutrinos exceed the speed of light. However this discovery was rejected by the Italian scientist team (read below).
Do neutrinos move faster than the speed of light?
Faster-than-light neutrino result queried

In fact, there is already a theory that the speed of light can be overcome. Unfortunately, this theory is not yet officially recognized by human, because this theory of the twin universe came from alien Ummite (read below).
UFO Technology of Ummite -8
UFO Technology of Ummite -9
UFO Technology of Ummite -10

Then by considering a combination of other experiment such as the article below that the scientists has succeeded to create light, I can say that particles of our universe move in and out of another universe of the twin universe system. The motive of the Italian scientists’ rejection must be wrong because they don’t have recognition of the twin universe theory.
Chalmers scientists create light from vacuum

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