Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alien Ummite is invader

After the last post, I decided to quit (or even abandon) of my blogs including this blog because for me, it’s not just a continuing the role of a drumbeater for the alien Ummite. This fucking Ummite is still bothering me and hurting a part of my life.

In fact, I cannot communicate freely with friends and other persons using phone and computer. Besides, I am even losing old friends and new personal relationships because of the obstacle of Ummite. I suspect that Ummite use an advanced and sophisticated mind control technology like 'MK-Ultra' to spoil my personal relationship.

By my strong protest with abuse epithet, Ummite suggested a disclosure this posting via telepathy. However, I had doubts about such new post with the above decision. Even so, I have finally decided to put this article to tell you what’s new.

If people had read the posts on this blog a few years ago, most people might think that these articles maybe written by delusions of a person with mental disorder. Right now, after several unusual events occur, I can believe that more people who could believe in them.

With this situation, I suppose that Ummite would want to isolate me from the people for avoiding direct talks with them about the contents of the posts, due to prevent turmoil and no harm to their pre-research for the intervention.

However, for me, this is not acceptable even if it was necessary to preserve the human. Unfortunately, I have no idea of ​​sacrificing my private life without knowing the real reason revealed from Ummite directly. In fact, I have never given any response or query.

First, Ummite have to respect my will – right to know – as Ummite said that he would guarantee to respect human will when occur the intervention.

If I were Ummite, I could sacrifice even my life without questioning anything because Ummite has its ideology and culture that I call 'Totalitarianism in insect social'. However, I am a human and my reaction is very common as a human.

Such culture difference between the human and Ummite is too large to understand each other. Anyway, I am an Indigo who strongly dislikes being controlled. If there would be the intervention, there might be bloody human rebellion against Ummite. Ummite should be learned through my reaction has already searched.

As the event has been explained in detail in the posts, it’s really very different from a version of the ascension lie spreads – Alien with higher-dimensional consciousness can save only the human with higher consciousness – this is pure illusion. You cannot understand the event by a common sense of conscience, ethics and so on. Because the human can be, free of the seven deadly sins by only through the human evolution.

Another important thing is that Ummite wants to communicate with the will of (our) ‘That world’ by my telepathic ability, and he intends to manipulate the will so that the new human or future human would be a partner of Ummite. If not, Ummite would face extinction as well. Ummite must have the intention of the intervention at any cost. In this case, the ethics will have no meaning for Ummite.

With one of the latest postings, I’ve revealed the reason why we cannot accept any intervention of aliens (read 'We must reject alien interventions' ). However, it seems that Ummite doesn’t want to understand my intention, so it seems that I need to explain more clearly to understand it.

Well readers, I realized that I have had a wrong understanding about the event in the human evolution. Ummite claimed that he has intention of the intervention, if there is a risk of human extinction during the event. However, is it true? I don’t think so. The will of (our) ‘That world’ controls whole event as I have already revealed this issue in the posts. Obviously, 'They' act within its control too.

So why is there risk of extinction, committing suicide, for example, by using of an anti-matter weapon? According to my current understanding above, there is no its possibility because the will has only intention to complete the event, but it does not intend to exterminate the human.

If there is no possibility, why do I need to work for Ummite, taking a practice of their propaganda? This act would be my betrayal against the human that I turn over him to Ummite. Threat of the extinction is not by the action of ‘They’, but it will be by alien’s action (intervention) that the will of (our) ‘That world’ cannot control.

Regarding the fate of 'They', I think I have gotten the message of the will of ‘That world’ via telepathy during the deliberation above. According to this, 'They' with still less evolved brain, which cannot coexist with all human, cannot escape these traps, which means, seven deadly sins.

It means that there will be domestic conflicts between 'They' and self-destruction will occur because of greed, intrigue and so on., resulting cracks in a strong ties and the most powerful criminal organization on the planet - even if ‘They’ were bound by honor with blood and violence.

Therefore, there is no possibility that we Indigos face 'They' with technology of Ummite, so I abandoned the idea that I argued in the post (read 'Why is intervention of Ummite practically impossible?') for calling-up Indigos.

However, Ummite should question the above scenario. Perhaps Ummite would have some way to check it, using this post. Anyway, now I honestly do not want to continue relationship with Ummite. Nevertheless, unfortunately, shit Ummite seems to not want release me.

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