Thursday, April 21, 2011

We must reject alien interventions

I have argued that the alien Ummite sent a team to monitor the human evolution event, and might have the intervention of Ummite in the human, if he thinks it’s necessary.

Through these revelations in this blog, I realized the significance of the human evolution event and its very complicated circumstance step by step. This procedure should be planned by Ummite. Since Ummite invaded my computers as a hacker, he has passed me the information via telepathy and controlled me like that.

Now, with the current human extinction is finally here, through the natural disaster occurrences, nuclear disasters in Japan and so on, I’ve concluded about a very important issue for me. It’s a conclusion that any alien do not intervene in human unilaterally, as the ethics that all organisms with intelligence (aliens) in the universes should respect it.

Taking this opportunity, I believe that the Japanese finally starting to recognize the things pointed in the posts 'Why do people refuse to acknowledge the "unbelievable things"?’ and "-2"') by the suffering from artificial earthquakes and tsunami, and the nuclear reactor’s problems.

However, such intervention is not only by extraterrestrial Ummite but also Grey who became famous with 'Roswell case'. Grey is considered that he begun a contact with the human since the Egyptian civilization, or older. And he has committed to intervene, making various experimental studies, even making the creation of the hybrid between the human and Grey (read 'The alien who built the pyramids? ' ).

Alien Grey EBE

Same time, my another conclusion is that Grey has been working with 'They' truly, as well as several websites and blogs are mentioning this collaboration, giving information to ‘They’, for example, about coming of the human evolution event. Therefore, Hitler has recognized the emergence of the new human and occurrences of current catastrophes by the big climate change, at that time (read ‘Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?’).

With the above fact, one reason for the action by Ummite, which have provoked me to bring out my anger and makes me weary, could be psychological research for understanding that what would happen if an extraterrestrial intervention was made. Well, my reaction is: I cannot accept such unilateral intervention as I already wrote above in this post (read 'Alien Ummite could be exploitative?' too).

But if the action of Ummite was limited (only the psychological research above), and he had no relationship with Web sites and blogs that I’ve pointed them out as the part of propaganda or disinformation of 'They', Ummite would practice just preliminary research to obtain the human reactions result with hiding itself possible. And the rest is just observing the event.

Indeed, I´ve never seen Ummite as a contactee, Ummite have never responded directly to my complaints and have given answer to my written questions on the screens of the monitors. So we should confront Grey who has been collaborating with ‘They’ and should banish Grey from the earth, it wouldn’t be to Ummite.

The NWO (New World Order), which was created by the less evolved brain of the current human who has the destiny of extinction, is a delusion of 'They', and the global domination by its delusion perfectly contradicts the theory or the reason for evolution of the organisms with intelligence in the universes.

Even 'they' could realized it by chance, ‘They’ should be extinct soon, or could be destroyed by other organisms with intelligence immediately. So I determined to face 'They' (read ‘Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?’).

We have to destroy the NWO conspiracy, and same time, we must banish the collaborator Grey who has violated the ethics of the universes. Grey is only used by 'They' with my understanding, and he has no ability and could not have intent to harm more the human, because Grey is a organism with intelligence more evolved, it means that his such attack ability could be extinct.

If our determination is Grey's expulsion of the planet Earth, he cannot repudiate it.

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