Friday, April 15, 2011

Was the massacre in the school by a psychopathic monster?

Conspiracy theory geek as you could feel the massacre, occurred at the school of Rio in Brazil, is strange. News of Brazilian TVs are manipulating (mind control on the audience) image of a gunman, Wellington, is an idiot or a psychopathic monster. Is this true?
Massacre in Brazil

Arrests made in connection with Brazil school shooting

I remember that I felt it was strange when there was the 'Virginia Tech massacre' (read below) in 2007. After the massacre, the gunman killed himself like Wellington. In the case of other similar killings occurred in the world, especially in U.S., assassins also killed themselves, leaving traces like it always.
Virginia Tech Massacre

Well, in the case of Virginia, there was very strong evidence that the CIA has used techniques of MK-Ultra (watch the video and read the article below) to practice mind control on the South Korean student, Cho Seung-Hui (perpetrator). And there was information that quoted Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has a strong relationship with the CIA (read last two articles below.)

TECNICAS DE CONTROLE MENTAL (Mind control techniques)
Memorandom No.3 on Virginia Tech Massacre: David Kim, the Reverend Who Has Three Faces
The enigma of the Virginia Tech Massacre still remains 

Now, watch the video below. You can see the Wellington's eyes are unfocused and he seems to be like a robot. His behavior would be typical state under mind control.

Atirador do massacre do Rio Wellington (Gunman of the massacre of Rio Wellington)

Singer Bono of U2 speech memorial address for the victims in the school of Rio, at recent concert in Rio. Ironically, Bono is a member of ‘They’ - did you know? The U2 concert was no coincidence. So what is a cause of the massacre? It might be for strengthening of restrictions on guns. 

After this massacre, the president of TSE (Brazilian Federal Electoral Tribunal), Lewandowski said that disarmament plebiscite can be done in six months. Because Brazilian (and maybe your country’s) FEMA could occupy around there soon (read ‘"Agenda" of "They" -2 ' )?

              It’s Real World

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