Sunday, April 17, 2011

Could solar flare hit nuclear reactors?

Another catastrophe that the will of  (our) 'Life after death' (read 'Alien Ummite could be exploitative? ' ) can hit a human, would be solar flare (read below). Before that, the Earth is already under the geomagnetic decrease effect. So I tried to mention the fact of this decreasing geomagnetic written in previous post, in this article, but the hacker (Ummite) has prevented its quoting.

Means that even Ummite cannot explain the fact is correct or not. Ummite informed me it indirectly, showing a post (in Japanese) on the net, considered by Ummite. Anyway, there will be a big threat of imminent disaster by the solar flare.

This post reports that some abnormal activity of the sun causes the Earth’s changing as the pole shift and the geomagnetic pole shift, without defining its root causes. In fact, knowing the true causes of the phenomena is not important.

Meanwhile, we already know that a lack of electric power causes major nuclear catastrophe through the occurrence of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima in Japan. Then read the article below.
Experts: Move to protect nuke plants from solar flare damage

It would be a strong warning to the human. Or rather, we have to disable all existing nuclear reactors in the world immediately before the very dangerous solar flare strikes the Earth. The first recent flare has occurred in class X on February this year (see below), fortunately without damages.
The first X-class flare of solar cycle 24
Solar flare

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