Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big earthquake and tsunami in Japan were artificial catastrophe

Big earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan. I was thinking that it occurred naturally because I’ve had this idea posted on my Japanese and Portuguese blog, and there should be some sabotage at nuclear disaster.

But as soon as my research made about the disaster on the net, I realized it was wrong recognition, which means the quake was artificial. This must be caused by nuclear bombs placed at the bottom of Pacific Ocean.

The U.S. had been developing earthquake weapon for so long, since the World War II or maybe before, for hitting Japan, was an enemy at that time. The artificial earthquake is very common in scientific research (read first 3 articles below). The earthquakes of Haiti and the recent one in New Zealand should also be artificial (read last two articles below).
Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret (added on May 4)

An artificial earthquake generation using the phase differentiation

A Study of Earthquake Location by Artificial Explosive Data

Russian Report: U.S. weapon against Iran caused Haiti earthquake

US Earthquake Weapon Test Fails Again, Destroys New Zealand City

In fact, much information indicates that the earthquakes in Japan are by artificial one, for example:

1. There are many witnesses who see strong light when the earthquake hit inclusive aftershocks (see photo below).

2. There are many big strange ‘aftershocks’, because they hit in areas concentrated and less depth than ordinary earthquakes.

3. Why are there many photos and videos recorded as if photographers had known in advance the earthquake? And why the U.S. military as the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan seemed to be already on standby for the rescue?

4. It has strange coincidences of numbers that 'They' have a way of showing Goyim (read 'Strange episode of the rescue in Chile'):
The Kobe earthquake occurred on January 17 (117), 1995, at 05h 46 min.
The attack occurred on Sept. 11 (911), 2001, at 08h 46 min.
The current earthquake occurred on March 11 (311), 2011, at 14h 46 min.

5. Had manipulation of shares of companies linked to the earthquake that same things happened in the September 11 attack and so on. (read 'Israel prepares war against Iran?’). And it occurred to steal a trillion dollars through financial transactions in Japan.

6. The governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?' ) ran (he was re-elected) just before the earthquake, although he had denied being a candidate. He has promoted construction of nuclear reactor.

7. There was obvious manipulation of the news media about earthquakes. Undoubtedly, Japanese media are controlled by 'They' also.

Then, the tragedy of nuclear reactors in Fukushima occurred (this event could facilitate to hide series nuclear explosions for aftershocks too). But the Japanese government and authorities had hid and lied about a lot of critical information on nuclear plants, because the prime-minister Kan (he's Korean origin) and its administration are controlled by ‘They’. Of course previous government administrations were the same situations.

In such a way, a huge damage already had done. So what the U.S. ('They') are wanting more? Now the radiation leak at Fukushima stepped up to level 7. I believe that because of the radiation danger, the U.S. military ally in Japan could remove to facilitate the Chinese invasion (read 'Signs of big war in the Far East' ).

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