Thursday, February 17, 2011

Could alien Ummite be exploitative?

Since last posting, I’ve stopped updating posts on this blog because I didn’t like anything about behavior of Ummite who is hacking my computer and forcing me to commit an intelligence activity.

As already I’ve suffered so many times before (read 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite' ), this shit hacker (Ummite) began harassment again despite I revealed an appeal in the post of my Japanese blog that Ummite have to respect my private contacts without blocking the use of e-mail, Skype and so on. There's no way to understand this fucking alien hacker.

Well my readers, I alleged that aliens as Ummite more evolved than the human do not need to invade and attack the Earth, or enslave human (read ‘Aliens are predators and exploiters?’ ). Even that is a theoretically quite correct idea for me, now I began to doubt the reason for the intervention of Ummite.

Ummite practically already have intervened in the human, using intelligence that I practice on the blogs, and researching the human reactions like me by making annoying things.

Indeed, any provocations by Ummite could be for trying to steam me up. It must be that Ummite always prepares the best environment possible for a human guinea pig like me in the research. If you could read this post (I’m not sure this post could be posted on this blog), even this might be exploited as an object to search for the reaction of readers.

For the alien who has already said bye-bye to such strong emotion through the evolution, its anger is only considered a less evolved human defect, so our reaction (anger) in this research would be insignificant.

Ummite has guaranteed that while the intervention is done, he will respect human will. I don’t know that this is true or not, but in fact, Ummite doesn’t respect us currently as I mentioned above. With such intervention way, it seems that only focuses on experimental research, that’s obviously wrong and must be ending immediately. So here, I will present my hypothesis: Why Ummite practice this unacceptable intervention?

The Indigo as a new human is capable of telepathy and this fact has been revealed in previous posts (read ‘"Indigo" is the new human'). So I awoke the conscience of the Indigos/Crystals and appealed them to assume their role in the human evolution event (read 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite -2').

However, maybe most current human will die in disasters from now on, also could have influence because their absolute number accumulated since the 20th century is very large, comparing earlier death. If their souls integrate in our ‘That world’ of 'Network of the soul', it will be able to influence very much the will of 'That world'.

So Ummite is practicing an intelligence activity using me, could be a 'media' on the net for Ummite, to appeal the possibility of the entire human extinction. However, from my perspective, just indigo (new human) is necessary to understands the risk of extinction, but unnecessary to inform common people (current humans), it’s really very difficult task of convincing. Thus it was not the main aim for me.

Considering the above mentioned, it has a possibility that majorities disinformation sites and blogs, including its subcontractors of 'They', pointed out by me might be of the intelligence activity of Ummite. That means there’s possibility that Ummite has hacked the entire Internet, due to avoid direct intervention by practice so complicate handling (intelligence).

Though for humans, no doubt, it is indisputable intervention, deceiving and controlling the human with intelligence technique. Ummite is implementing an experimental intervention to avoid criticism by other organisms with intelligence.

Even if the event would end with no problem with that, this event in human evolution would't be done naturally. Still, I thought before I could accept it, however, Ummite is willing to control the human in practice, even insist that the intervention is the only way and inevitable. Ummite took the wrong way.

If the event would terminate without problem in this way, Ummite could be able repeat the same experimental intervention to another organism with intelligence in a similar situation and eventually, Ummite could think that he could conquer our entire universe. Or rather, that is even making same conspiracy of 'They', as a fraudster. Is the intention of Ummite a ruler of the universe?

Is most of disinformation on the net from Ummite? So it’s a fraud activity to research the human, including me who practice 'propaganda' for Ummite, which deceives them by the intelligence? If Ummite would continue to shut these unanswered questions, I could say Ummite affirms it.

It means that does Ummite utilize the human like a monkey for experimental research? We need to know truths, we don’t want information to fool us, as well as 'They' spared around there to manipulate the people’s minds as they wish.

Even then, following question still remains: why Ummite want to intervene despite my claim above? This answer was in an evolution event of Ummite. Ummite would be facing own evolution event right now too, if the theory of evolution of organisms with intelligence (read 'Who controls the human evolution? -2' ) would be correct. This information could be acquired via telepathy.

This evolution could not be self-evolution, an evolution of Ummite with another organism with intelligence, which means, only a mixed breed between two species can survive. If it cannot, Ummite will extinct like the human who faces a similar situation.

I wrote an article about that Ummite seems to want a creation of a hybrid species between human and Ummite in my Japanese blog, which means, creating a hybrid species, similar one that Grey created it as 'Starchild' experimental (read ‘The alien who built the pyramid?’), it not means 'half'. I didn’t consider that there is an imminent event in the evolution of Ummite and he has great extinction risk. Thus the problem is there.

According to the theory of Ummite, in the case that organisms with intelligence, its different origins get together (to be born mixed-race), it seems that the both must be in the same evolution levels. So only the new human can fit in this condition. Then enter the new human and Ummite, there must be genetic compatibility. If this consideration would be correct, the discovery of the planet Earth for Ummite could not be by accident case (read 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite' ).

If the reason for the intervention of Ummite would be from this point of view mentioned above, even though there is reason unjust and unilateral, and it’s not respecting the human, it would have as a fair reason for Ummite, understandable for me. However, Ummite must prove the existence of genetic compatibility before giving this explanation.

Well, my conclusion on this subject is: 'human suicide' (the entire human extinction) will not happen because 'They' are controlled by the will of our 'That world' too, as well as we (goyim) are controlled by it. The will of the 'That world' must be to complete the event in human evolution  it’s not to exterminate the human. The claim of Ummite that there might be risk of the entire human extinction should be incorrect.

The theory - nobody, including the will of 'That world', knows the future (I already mentioned that 'God knows' is wrong; read 'Who controls human evolution?’) - will not mean occurring of an incident of the 'human suicide'. The problem is precisely the intervention of Ummite, which alleges the existence of the possibility of the 'human suicide'.

There would be no its effects even Ummite appealed risk of the entire human extinction to the most human. Actually, the people who suffered ‘imprinting’ since their birth and mind control continuously by any media, just have an interest about daily affairs and entertainments, do not want to hear about such as the human evolution event, which would be a delusion to the common people.

Who do this could be the will of 'That world'. Actually, I seriously tried to explain about the event to some acquaintances, but they only ridicule me, or nap while hearing it by losing interest.

Only government officials, leading media, famous people/organizations and several authorities speaking are truth for such people. However, if the people could have a little more effort to rethink their words, could discover their fraud and lies. Why is this not happening?

It would be easier to understand if this reason would blame the control of the will of 'That world' as already mentioned above. There will be great wars, which wipe out almost human, and these people die without knowing the NWO conspiracy. Or the people will die, refusing to hear a sentencing to death themselves – it would be happier to do not know than to know it - as the will of 'That world' wished it.

However, the intervention of Ummite that our 'That world' can not control it, can provoke unpredictable extermination not only of human but also of Ummite, because the evolution of Ummite depends on the survival of the new human.

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