Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disinformation for the alien skeleton has come up

After five days of the publication of the post ‘The alien skeleton of the Brazilian museum was in Japan', an article appeared due to undermine the fact in the post. This site article (and the site) is also considered a disinformation (site) of 'they' for me.

The article ‘Finalmente foi solucionado o caso da “Múmia” de Uberaba’ below concludes that the alien skeleton is a poor child’s dead body afflicted with hydrocephalus, cleft palate and other congenital deformities. However, it’s obviously different if you compare between the pictures (see ‘Is there alien who built the pyramid?’) and the 'poor child’s dead body', especially the structure of front teeth and without ears.

This deformity case never appeared in human history. If this appeared, why the alien skeleton attracted Japanese scientist at Kyoto University attention?
Finalmente foi solucionado o caso da “Múmia” de Uberaba (Click [Translate: maybe different from your OS language] on the page for translating to English)

Much this type of websites and blogs on the net are always waiting for you to practice ‘imprinting’ of false information or mind control.

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