Saturday, December 4, 2010

WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower

In the end Julian Assange of the WikiLeaks is wanted by Interpol. So far it seems that this event is all true for people. Thus don’t you believe the claim made by me in the earlier posts? That is to say, WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower (disinformation) of 'They' (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?’).

Will the U.S. prosecute Julian Assange?

Using the internet for its leaks would be really very difficult to be controlled by authorities in the world, so Julian continues to post the government sensitive information on his site, easily evading the police pursuit.

However, I have a question: Who gave you the first information on WikiLeaks? I found the first information on WikiLeaks in an Internet article. I believe that most people would have its information of mass media like TVs and so on. It was not of the internet. Do you remember that most mass media in the world are controlled by 'they' as already pointed out in previous posts?

For example, although global warming has been criticized as a fraud (read 'Time has come for the evolution') on the Internet, regardless of its credibility, so far this fraud has almost never been showing on the mass media, only spreading the evidence of global warning.

Ok, you could deny the case of WikiLeaks, because the world's governments have admitted the leaked information is true, but the case of global warming fraud, no government admits. However, there were many honest and trustworthy scientists, mach better than shameless and bullshit politicians around there, denounced its fraud.

I mean that the mass media practice mind control or disinformation to viewers or readers (‘Goyim’) as they want. When such news is spread widely by mass media in the world, you should disbelieve it. Anyway WikiLeaks case must be another ‘sockpupette’ by ‘They’.

Why 'They' could fool people for 200 years? Because 'they' have controlled important information and have practiced disinformation by any media available in the world (read ‘“They” have been controlled the world for 200 years'). Well my readers, there is an interesting article below.

CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks

The article below has more complete information about fraud of the WikiLeaks (added on December 5).
Wikileaks "Cablegate" Psychological Operation Justifies Zionist War Propaganda

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