Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disinformation sites

The disinformation site, WikiLeaks (read ‘WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower’) continue to be in the internet (read below), feeding sensitive information even though Julian Assange was in custody of the authority, because aim of this ‘sockpupette’ by ‘They’ is exactly there. Read article below (‘BREAKING’) for understanding more its motive. However this article must be disinformation by ‘They’ also to provoke confusions.
WikiLeaks avoids shutdown as supporters worldwide go on the offensive

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet

I tried to show UFO geeks who are in alien and UFO’s junk information of the ‘Alien UFOs’ forum site (see below) my earlier blog posts this week. However, finally my post links were denied so that the site administrator claim my blog has advertising, despite there’s nothing since its stat. So I realized soon this site practice disinformation too like Japanese same type sites or blogs of ‘They’.

Wikileaks UFO is a disinformation (my posts)

Then my readers, you have to be careful disinformation of such sites or blogs to spread junk information about alien and UFO. Well, can the site remove whole my posts and close it after removed the links?

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