Sunday, November 28, 2010

Signs of big war in the Far East -2

After the occurrence of the incident on the Senkaku islands (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?’), the North Korean attack occurred (read ‘Korea Attack’ below). The sinking incident of the South Korean corvette in March this year too, before the Senkaku incident (read below).
Korea Attack: Yeonpyeong Island Shelled By North Korea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

‘All out war’ threatened over North Korea attack on warship Cheonan

As soon as the sinking incident occurred, I posted an article on my Japanese blog saying that the popular Japanese disinformation site of 'They' mentioned that there is probable conspiracy in the U.S. And I presented another article, it’s a Korean accusation, which claimed would have a manipulation of the investigation and he sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State (read below), without knowing Hillary Clinton is one of ‘They’.
No base stories of Korea

At this time (the attack of artillery fire to a South Korean island) also appeared several versions of reasons for the incident even an economic motive. Alex Jones, one of the most influential false whistle-blowers has had the interview with the politician who introduced this hypothesis (read below).
Ron Paul: Korea Conflict May Be Orchestrated Crisis To Boost Dollar

Furthermore, the video below says who fired first is the South Korea, it was not North Korea that the world media have pointed out as the cause.

2nd Korean War? South admits firing first shells in row with North Korea

Alright my readers, any of these reasons are not important to understand the incidents occurred anyway. If you'd keep watching only the reasons, it could be risky, because these 'sockpupette' only serve to a prologue to the big war between Japan, China and two Koreas in Asia. You could lose whole vision for understanding giant marionette theater and its play produced by ‘They’.

Remember if any major historic incident in the enigmatic with no solution or clear and definitive revelation, there are always many versions of explanation or hypothesis. It leads to misunderstanding, confusion and terror, finally, let us be deceived.

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