Monday, November 15, 2010

Are there crew deaths in the incident?

Hide information of conspiracies and leak its information are very effective than just hide them. It results far greater outrage us when people learn this information through leakage from someone. Or sometimes people would be desperate, feeling their inability to confront them and of terror by feeling irresistible huge power of ‘They’. So we easily fall into the trap, which means the mind control by 'they'.

Famous organization, WikiLeaks controlled by ‘'They' leaks sensitive and unavailable information with this motivation (read 'Caution! About false whistle-blowers').

This thing just happened in Asia. When collision occurred between the Japanese coast guard patrol ship and the Chinese fishing boat (read 'Typical mind control by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun' and watch the added video), the Japanese government have been doing cover-up the fact that there are two dead and one injured of the Japanese crew.

After this collision, the current Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara (he is considered one of politicians controlled by 'They') commented on the possibility of having Chinese craws’ violence in the Japanese coast guard inspection on that occasion, like humor in a TV interview.

Last week, an employee (crew) of the Japanese coast guard has put some part of the videos 'illegally' on You Tube, and this has reflected in the Japanese public. He may be a national hero despite the illegal act for the government.

Most of the population has angered this behavior of the government, but still does not know that there are victims in the incident (the videos posted on You Tube don’t include killing scene) because had some leaks of the victims’ information on the net. In addition, a former Japanese prime minister revealed only the names of the victims without citing any relationship, on his Twitter (access 'My Twitter' on the right side).

I believe that if it (about victims) had been released immediately, it couldn't have caused so great population’s indignation for the future. However, the Japanese government traitor and arrogant Chinese government are ignoring and hiding it, deceiving the Japanese people.

Well my blog’s readers, if some images of the completed video with the Japanese crews killed by the Chinese appeared and ‘innocent’ Japanese would assist them, what would they do?

I think that the Japanese people will want to kill Japanese government authority who insisted on hiding them and punish the employee who released the videos illegally, even thought the Japanese government already has released the whole Chinese fishing boat without punishment. And they will think possession of nuclear weapons to prepare for a war against China as well.

U.S. ('They') must be exactly wanting its effect mentioned above (read 'Signs of big war in the far East'). This scenario has already been revealed as a fiction in the book below, 'Showdown' published in 2006. But in fact, readers have to read the book, replacing 'U.S.' with 'Japan' and 'Taiwan' to 'Senkaku'. In the book, no doubt, the name of Senkaku is mentioned.

Will the U.S. go to war with China over Taiwan or oil? Yes-bestselling authors Ed Timperlake and Jed Babbin say Chinese aggression is virtually inevitable and in their new book, "Showdown", they address the threat of mainland China and Bush's promise to defend Taiwan - at any cost. "Showdown" offers indispensable strategies and tactics for the U.S. to respond to the Chinese military threat in this ongoing battle for democracy and freedom.

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