Friday, September 17, 2010

Typical mind control by the newspaper Asahi Simbun

After I posted 'Signs of big war in the Far East' on this blog, there was typical disinformation by the Chinese government, and it was released (read below) in a major Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun that it has already been practicing mind control by 'They' since the time of the World War II to the Japanese people.

There are two holes in the front of the collided ship’s full. Local government staff greeted the ship with firecrackers

The fishing ship collided with the patrol ship of the Japan Coast Guard returned to the home port (Jinjiang) in the country, with a Chinese patrol vessel in the morning on day 15. In front of the ship hull, has the scratching damage can be caused by the collision and there are two gaping holes from outside to inside, added.

At the time of entry of the ship, heavily armed police surrounded its place. The authorities at the site received the ship with firecrackers.
And another article published the following day points: According to the Japan Coast Guard, when the investigation of the Chinese fishing ship made in the Japanese territory (the port of Ishigaki island), the holes have not been confirmed (see the photos below). it was not caused by the collision (This collision was caused by the fishing ship because video of the incident was already recorded, according to the Japan Coast Guard).

Senkaku of Japan (Collision’s vide added on November 4)
Well, did you understand? The Chinese government has committed a dirty fraud to provoke anti-Japan acts in people themselves (as usually), and at the same time, the traitor Japanese newspaper Asahi tried to arouse indignation of the Japanese people indirectly. It’s very easy to know the Chinese intention because with this thing.

This act is for 'Divide and rule' by 'They'. On day 18, there may be Chinese protests against Japan for 79th anniversary of Liutiaohu incident that the Empire of Japan provoked it in China at that time.

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