Monday, September 13, 2010

Signs of big war in the Far East

Recently, Japanese newspapers mentioning the actions of neighboring countries (a practice of ‘Divide and rule’ by ‘they’), which cause a reaction of the Japanese people, it was held since 2007. However, I think that this is starting to occur more intensively.

Since World War II, there were controversial history among Japan, China, North Korea and South Korea. As one of Japanese’s, I claim that China and Korea have historically strong political intention to always put the pressure on Japan to take advantage.
Japanese History Textbook Controversies

At the same time, I hope you remember about the conspiracies of the World War II by 'they' (read '"Agenda" of "They" -2'). These actions of neighboring countries are planned and controlled by 'They' with mind control too. This similar thing happens in Germany with the fraudulent Holocaust by 'They' (read '"Agenda" of "They"').

Well, I posted several posts indicate that there will be a major war in Asia involving Japan, China, South and North Korea on my Japanese blog since 2007. In the World War II, the Empire of Japan had invaded its neighbors, but this time, China should be the same role of Japan at that time. Thus Japan could be invaded by China.

Now Japan is suffering by several political and diplomatic events. For example, because of internal political destabilization, this is the rapid change of Head of State, and growth of politics distrust and partisan, would be the territorial conflict and natural resource (oil and gas) against China and South Korea. Whether the political danger of expulsion of the U.S. military as an ally of Japan.

Last week there was a incident on the small Senkaku Islands (Japanese territory with a portion of oil and gas) on the East China Sea, between Japanese coast guard patrol ship and Chinese fishing boat. Now China insists the Senkaku is Chinese territory.
China calls off joint gas seabed talks / Move response to seizure of fishing vessel

Although China is pressing on the Japanese government with strong threats, the Japanese government is facing weak against demand from China. The Russian diplomacy also showed signs of strong position along with China against Japan
Japan frees China boat crew, calls for gas talks

It causes irritation of conservative voters and opposition. Now China's military power has apparently strengthened enough (actually, just his image except nuclear weapons), so the U.S. military warned the superiority of its power, comparing neighboring countries.
The Chinese Military Challenge
U.S. and Vietnam discuss closer military ties with Chinese friction as background

The reason is because China must have the military force to be able to swallow Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and so on, as scenario of the 'Agenda' of 'They' has planned. Nevertheless, current Japanese law prevents using military force in any way even it would be for counterattack (this scheme inclusive manipulations of Japanese politicians made by 'They').

Since the World War II, the two Koreas always exploited anti-Japanese thing to unite the people themselves, and to gain some political advantage by inventing even history desired. The governments of China and the Koreas abuse media far more than other countries for mind control on the people themselves, encouraging nationalism and stubborn pride like Japan in the era of pre-World War II.

North Korea threatens neighbors by the atomic bomb and the missiles for a long time. However it could be fraud or 'paper tiger'. Imagine what happened in Iraq. Saddam Hussein really had nuclear weapons?

Besides, the authorities of the U.S. government criticized the Japanese government for unjust reasons, and they threaten indirectly disrupt the U.S. military defense shield for Japan, even though there was practically no guarantee. However, it was enough to frighten Japanese conservatives who have the illusion of false history of the relationship between Japan and U.S.

I can easily remember similar things happening in Europe in the World War II. The troops of the fake dictator, Hitler (read '"Agenda" of "They"'), and they could quickly and easily invade European countries because the Heads of States of Europe and the U.S. had ignored and, had concealed true facts by the attitude of looking weak and the Monroe Doctrine (isolationist policy). For the false image of the terrible Nazi Germany was born that way.
Adolf Hitler

Due to the reasons above, stressed the Japanese people could be a flock of goats (Goyim) in a verge of stampede. With this situation, people should be handled more easily by someone. Obviously, who cause these events to provoke conflict deliberately, or better, a big war in Asia consequently was 'they', as well similar war occurred in the Far East, before the World War II.

It means that most people around the world have watched a puppet theater by 'They' from within the glass as if great events had actually happened by accident in human history. That's it my blog’s readers! Nothing happens by chance.

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