Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will syndrome 'accelerated aging' be our near future?

The other day, I watched TV (Rede Globo in Brazil) foreign news, showed the English boy with the premature aging disease. The news said 63 cases of progeria have been reported. Now then, I mentioned about the Indigo child as a new human in the previous post (read '”Indigo" is the new man').

So I have thought about another question when I upped its article on my Japanese blog last year. It was the current human extinction along with the human evolution (read 'Who Controls the human evolution? -2').

A few years ago, I found another book of Petit on the net, I still have not read, is called 'The letters from the alien Ummite III' (in Japanese) with the subtitle, 'There's the species extinction code in human brain'. However, I had no idea on this occasion. Well, right now, I’m rethinking this significance.

Ok, let me tell you about it. I realized the answer to this extinction code in the human brain, exactly it’s there when I watched the news above. progeria syndrome, or rather syndromes ‘accelerated aging' including progeria, Werner syndrome, Rothnund Thomson syndrome, Cockayne syndrome and so on., would be our future destination, whether these syndromes, which are related genetic defective, arise even more accelerated in the current human.
Newborn child may turn into 80-year-old person within one year


Rear disease makes a yang girl look like twice older

Unfortunately, it has no way to escape it. Even if they escape disaster 'They' cause, we may terminate by this way.

Just as already revealed in previous posts, 'They' and their posterity do not survive (see 'Truth reason for the intervention of Ummite -2'). Nobody escapes this syndrome de ‘accelerated aging’ destination. How can 'They' realize their dreams NWO with this situation shown in the photos below?

Elena, Lizzie (photo below) and many progeria children must be near future of ‘They’ and their posterity. The NWO of 'They' will eventually be one last great delusion of the current human.

University student, 21, eats Every 15mins weighs but the Same as an eight-year-old

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