Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why is the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?

Read 'Reason for the Intervention for Ummite' and 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite' before reading this post.

The other day, after I posted Japanese version of the posts ‘True reason for the intervention of Ummite’ above in May, one of disinformation practitioner on the net posted a alleged threat comment of ‘They' in my Japanese blog post, insinuating that Ummite cannot implement the intervention.

Even though I gave him a comment back on the occasion, saying that if Ummite would have not condition, we humans would take over it of Ummite, I pondered this matter after its event.

Then finally, I convinced its guy quoted a real thing, due to practically Ummite doesn’t have psychological condition to face the intervention. Since the hacker (Ummite) invaded my computers, I noticed his strange behavior, because of rejection (upsets my looking) when surfing the net, looking for strong images, for example, human bodies mutilated and cruel things.

As revealed in previous posts, evolved aliens have very different from the human consciousness. With long history of establishing peace, and extermination of atrocities and chaos that human practice around here, losing the characteristic of a warrior occur naturally. I believe Ummite could not face a war against humans.

After the U.S. military ('They') capitulated alien 'Grey' in Roswell in the U.S. (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -7'), investigated and analyzed the aliens’ behavior. And 'They' have concluded that aliens cannot counterattack the human, even they are getting hostile actions unacceptable by 'Them'

Amazing content of the famous prophecy of Hitler (read '"Agenda" of "They"'), which correctly guess that current climate change situation of the planet Earth and appearance of super (new) human (this prophecy had been a puzzle to solve for me) that its original information must be acquired from alien 'Grey' also.

Rest is pretty simple, just hoax the episode, mixing ingredients of the NWO of 'They' later, and revealed this false prophecy after the World War II (Prophecy of Nostradamus is fraud too. Read

‘Who Controls the human evolution?’). That was an imprinting, or disinformation.
Nostradamus Predicts Hitler
Hitler's Racial Ideology: Content and Occult Sources

Therefore Petit became a collaborator of 'They' (read 'The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to “They"'), although he was aware of the intervention intention of Ummite. Other future collaborators of Ummite might change their idea because of the unlikely intervention of Ummite.

However, now the situation is moved. Even if I'll become 62-year-old soon, I have 20-30 years of physical endurance, with 40-year-old of physical appearance, and the consistent and indomitable spirit of a warrior (I may be one of the first Indigos. Read ‘“Indigo” is a new human'), I will cope 'They' along with new humans and indomitable colleagues, using technologies of Ummite.

From here forward, we will neutralize the force of 'They' if necessary, and pacify the world in order.

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